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Classic Greek Sailing-Yacht AELLO | Charter Experience!

When it comes to sailing yachts, the Mediterranean islands have produced some truly majestic vessels....

When it comes to sailing yachts, the Mediterranean islands have produced some truly majestic vessels. In particular, one outstanding example is the classic Greek sailing-yacht AELLO. After a refit in 2008/2011, AELLO is returning to the charter market and is ready to take you and your guests on an exhilarating sailing holiday around Athens, the Cyclades, and beyond.

A Brief History of Classic Greek Sailing-Yacht AELLO

Beyond being a yacht, AELLO is a living relic from an era gone by, a floating testament to the past. Created as a sister ship to the renowned sailing yacht Meteor IV, it remains the sole surviving grand schooner designed by Max Oertz. Its origins are intertwined with the story of Antonios Benakis, a Greek merchant and art connoisseur who commissioned the yacht to be built in 1921.

AELLO's historical significance continues through its association with the Yacht Club of Greece, founded by Benakis in 1934, a legacy imprinted on the vessel's magnificent bronze wheel.

A touching part of AELLO's story is when Antonios Benakis returned to Greece, his ancestral home. Following years of sailing the Mediterranean, the yacht found itself in the hands of a British Baron and Admiral post-World War II. AELLO's path moved into a different phase, serving as a stately houseboat nestled in deep waters.

1982 marked a turning point as AELLO, named Xenia, found new custodians in cousins Symon and Jasper Bloomfield. Their painstaking efforts to rejuvenate the vessel led to a series of refurbishments. A fortunate coincidence led to AELLO's restoration using wood from a sunken ship that held valuable and rare Burma teak. This beautiful wood adds unmatched beauty to the yacht.

AELLO is truly unique, as it's the only yacht in the world made entirely from this rare wood. After brief Italian ownership, she sailed through Panama to the Caribbean and Pacific. Eventually, Classic Greek Sailing-yacht AELLO ended up on the coasts of Maine and Fort Lauderdale. There, an American industrial family member took her under their wing, enhancing her to excel in international races.

Having sailed extensively along the American coastline, crossed the Atlantic for races, and traversed the world's waters, AELLO returned to European shores. A Greek ship owner and art enthusiast finally claimed her, returning her to her native waters in the Eastern Mediterranean. AELLO now basks in her former glory, a living testament to history, craftsmanship, speed, and aesthetic allure.

Accommodations Aboard Your Greek Sailing-Yacht Charter

The classic Greek sailing-yacht AELLO accommodates up to 8 guests in 4 exquisite cabins. There is a master cabin with an en-suite bathroom, shower, plasma TV, and stereo. In addition, the double cabin has a private en-suite bathroom and shower, plasma TV, and stereo. There's also a bunk cabin with an en-suite bathroom and shower and a double-bed cabin with a separate bathroom and shower.

Water Toys and Amenities

In addition to a RIB tender and wooden sailing tender, the classic Greek sailing-yacht AELLO also features:

  • Water maker
  • VHF & Satellite telephones
  • Stereo music system
  • Plasma TVs
  • Fully-equipped galley
  • Large salon
  • Indoor dining area
  • Outdoor dining area
  • Sun awnings
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Light fishing equipment
  • 42-inch widescreen plasma TV with state-of-the-art surround sound system
  • 40GB iPod with pre-loaded music such as Opera, Lounge, Pop, Rock, Italian, French, and Greek
  • Laptop with an internet connection

The Greek Islands

Greece yacht charter vacations offer views unparalleled in the Mediterranean Sea. Undoubtedly, your experience will amount to many years of future storytelling.

Relax on golden, quiet beaches and swim in endless crystal blue waters. Stroll along paths lined with whitewashed houses with blue roofs and raise a glass at a traditional taverna. Whether you choose to do a lot or a little, you can't go wrong with a Greek yacht charter aboard AELLO.

This luxury yacht offers an experience that's 100% tailored to your needs and desires. Want to stop in the middle of your journey for two days? Done. Want to spend three days exploring one island? Done too. Don't stress; our team of experts will plan every detail meticulously.

Book a Greek sailing-yacht holiday with the classic yacht AELLO today and explore Greece like never before.

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