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Top 5 bahamas yacht charter destinations

Exploring Paradise! Nassau to Great Exuma Charter Itinerary

Welcome to your Nassau to Great Exuma Charter Itinerary! This sample itinerary will give you an idea of the places you can visit and what you can do while exploring a true paradise on Earth.

nassau to great exuma charter itinerary
Warderick Wells Cay

DAY 1 – Nassau to Highborne Cay

Begin your journey in Nassau, Bahamas. Meet your captain and crew at the marina and board the yacht. After a brief safety meeting, we set sail for a three to four-hour cruise to Highborne Cay.

This picturesque island boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in the Bahamas. The Cay is home to luxury cottages and eight beaches.

Beach activity is the order of the day. However, you can explore a nearby shipwreck if you are a scuba enthusiast. Just to the north is Allen’s Cay, a favorite for iguana lovers!

Spend the day exploring and relaxing.

DAY 2 – Highborne Cay to Normans Cay

As high tide approaches, set sail towards Normans Cay, covering a distance of 15 nautical miles. Upon reaching the cay, a plethora of activities await you, such as:

  • Swim in the crystal-clear waters.
  • Explore fascinating snorkeling spots, including the renowned airplane reef.
  • Engage in thrilling water sports with the wave runner or tender, adding an exhilarating touch to your day.

Enjoy a delicious lunch. Afterward, embark on a short voyage to Shroud Cay, where you’ll anchor for the night.

DAY 3 – Shroud Cay

There are many adventures around Shroud Cay. Hop on a wave runner and venture into the enchanting mangroves, discovering their unique beauty up close. Alternatively, unwind on pristine beaches, relishing the serenity of this secluded paradise.

DAY 4 – Shroud Cay to Warderick Wells

Cruise for 15 nautical miles from Shroud Cay to Warderick Wells, where the magnificent Exumas Cays Land and Sea Park awaits.

Take a leisurely stroll along the four miles of scenic trails. Stretch your legs and take in the breathtaking natural beauty.

Discover rare plants and explore mysterious caves in this protected marine environment. This is a great place to get in the water with your yacht’s water toys!

DAY 5 – Warderick Wells to Staniel Cay

Embark on a 38-nautical-mile journey from Warderick Wells to Staniel Cay. Take pictures with the famous swimming pigs and be sure to bring them some fruits or veggies!

For a truly unforgettable experience, snorkel in the famous James Bond Thunderball Grotto, where an underwater world of wonders awaits. End your day with a delightful dinner onboard the yacht, or head to the Staniel Cay Yacht Club for a refreshing rum punch.

Day 6 – Black Point to Great Guana Cay

Cruise to Black Point, a tranquil anchorage. This charming fishing village offers an authentic glimpse into the local way of life. Enjoy the fantastic snorkeling spots, exploring the vibrant marine life beneath the surface.

DAY 7 – Great Guana Cay to Georgetown

Depart from Great Guana Cay and set course for Georgetown. En route, stop at the famous Blue Hole, an awe-inspiring natural wonder.

Upon reaching Georgetown, take some time to explore the local shops. Indulge in a refreshing cocktail or treat yourself to a delightful dinner ashore, soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of this lively destination.


Go for a last swim or play with the water toys in the morning. It’s the end of your Nassau to Great Exuma Charter Itinerary.

Yachts for Your Nassau to Great Exuma Itinerary

Here are some of the many stunning boats available for your Bahamas vacation: