Skiathos to Skiathos 14-day Itinerary

The Greek islands are so beautiful it is difficult to choose just one itinerary. Your Captain will help you decide where to travel based on your interests and desires. The following is one sample Skitathos to Skiathos 14-day itinerary.

Skiathos to Skiathos 14-day Itinerary
Beach on Skiathos.

Day 1 | Skiathos

Skiathos, the most developed island in the Sporades, is green and has over 60 beaches. Board your yacht here and have lunch while sailing to your first stop, Pithos.

Day 2 | Pithos (Palaio Trikeri)

The beautiful island of Trikeri has remained almost unchanged architecturally since the turn of the century. You can walk from one side of the island to the other in 30 minutes, and no cars or motorcycles are allowed. Visit the post-Byzantine Church of Evangelistrias north of the port.

Day 3 | Volos

Volos is one of the largest cities in Greece and is home to numerous halls, churches, and mansions. You can see Mount Pelion to the north and the Pagasetic Gulf to the south. The waterfront is an excellent place to find seafood restaurants and bars.

Day 4 | Milina

Milina is a lovely fishing village home to sponge divers, shipbuilders, and fishermen. You may want to explore the remains of Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches. Or, sit back on the yacht and watch a most fantastic sunset.

Day 5 | Orei

Orei is a resort town dating from 5000 BC. It’s in the middle of a lush green area with beautiful sandy beaches, hills, and plains. Visit the Bull of Orei in the village square. There are several restaurants, cafes, ouzeries, and bars at the harbor.

Day 6 | Koukounaries (Skiathos Island)

Koukounaries lies at the southwest end of Skiathos and is a large sandy beach. There’s a forest reserve behind the beach. Take the tender into this lovely spot and spend the day exploring or swimming in the warm, clear water.

Day 7 | Loutraki (Skopelos Island)

Loutraki is a small traditional village located on the island’s northwest coast. The town is known for its vast natural springs and its therapeutic spas. Rejuvenate with a massage or thermal bath at Loutraki Thermal Spa.

Day 8 | Kyra Panagia

This small island is part of the NMPANS nature reserve and is another place to spot the Mediterranean Monk Seal. The idyllic Kyra Panagia Beach is well worth visiting. It is a semi-circular beach surrounded by white rocky cliffs and a brilliant blue sea, which makes a perfect setting for Instagram-worthy photos. The beach offers sunbed rentals, snack bars, and restrooms.

Day 9 | Patitiri (Alonnisos Island)

The largest town on Alonnisos, Patitiri, is also home to the largest harbor on the island. The town’s calm and peaceful atmosphere invites you to explore its small taverns, shops, and beach. There’s excellent diving in the nearby Alonissos National Marine Park.

Day 10 | Skantzoura

Skantzoura is a small uninhabited island, and its only structure is an old hermitage. The island is within the Marine Park, which was established to protect marine life and the endangered Mediterranean seal. All fishing is strictly forbidden.

Day 11 | Skyros (Skyros Island)

The largest town on the island (Skyros Town) has some fantastic traditional architecture. The island is green and fertile in the north and barren in the south. Visit Mouries Farm and see endangered Skyrian horses. There’s also a Taverna that serves authentic Greek food.

Day 12 | Skopelos (Skopelos Island)

Skopelos is the largest of the four main islands in the Sporades. Due to the large number of natural springs, the island is home to large olive groves, plum trees, almonds, and orange trees. The island is famous for the quality of its wine.

Day 13 | Glossa (Skopelos Island)

Glossa Village is a working village that reflects authentic Greece. Glossa is lush with olive, almond, and plum trees. You will also find many springs with running fresh water. Kayak, hike, or explore the town.

Day 14 | Skiathos Town (Skiathos Island)

End your Skiathos to Skiathos 14-day itinerary.

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