Mediterranean Tour! Mallorca to Ibiza Charter Itinerary

Uncover what you can do on a week-long experience on a Palma de Mallorca to Ibiza Charter Itinerary. This illustrates just one of many ways to discover the beautiful Balearic Islands. Note that this is just a sample. All itineraries are subject to weather conditions and will be tailored to your group’s preferences.

Eivissa ibiza town on a Mallorca to Ibiza yacht charter itinerary
Eivissa Ibiza town in the Balearic Islands

Day 1 | Palma De Mallorca

Meet your yacht in Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the Balearic Islands. You can visit this stunning, historic town before or after your Mallorca to Ibiza charter itinerary.


  • Visit Palma’s museums.
  • Go shopping
  • Tour the old town

Day 2 | Port d’Andtrax

Sail West from Palma de Mallorca past the famous Magaluf, El Toro, and Costa de la Calma. Arrive at Port d’Andtrax. This whole harbor town is situated in front of stunning mountain scenery. This is a popular yachting destination, and you will see boats of all sizes in the harbor.


  • Hike high above the harbor
  • Stroll the local market for fresh food and gifts
  • Visit the town’s art galleries.

Day 3 | Binirras | Mallorca to Ibiza Charter Itinerary

Depart Port d’Andtrax and enjoy the journey to Binrras at the northern tip of Ibiza. The water here is obvious, and the sunsets are superb. Relax and enjoy this peaceful spot.


  • Swim
  • Sunbathe in peace
  • Enjoy a beachside cocktail

Day 4 | Port Roig (PORROIG)

Just a short sail away from Binirras, you’ll find another relaxed beach spot in Porroig. Kayak, SUP, snorkel, and explore this lovely area.


  • Try one of many water sports and explore
  • Snorkel the clear waters
  • Relax with a book

Day 5 | Formentera

Sail to Ibizia’s neighboring island of Formentera. Although it is only 12 miles long, there are plenty of things to see in Formentera. Climb up to see the views from one of the island’s lighthouses and explore Mediterranean history with a visit to the castles and churches.


  • Hike one of many trails for great views, like Platja es Calo
  • Visit the many historic sites
  • Hit the secluded beaches
Ses Illetes Formentera on a Mallorca to Ibiza charter itinerary
Ses Illetes Formentera on a Mallorca to Ibiza charter itinerary

Day 6 | Ibiza

Depart Formentera and sail north to Ibiza. Ibiza has a lot to offer! Many museums, old towns, and cathedrals make Ibiza a great spot to learn about the history of Spain’s Balearic Islands.


  • Explore the churches and museums
  • Visit a nightclub or music event
  • Swim in Ibiza’s beautiful bays

Day 7 | Cala Mastella

Spend your last full day at this unique cove. Tall pine woods surround crystal-clear sky-blue waters. Enjoy the seclusion. Have lunch at the restaurant Masa Calla which serves one of the most famous dishes of Ibizan gastronomy: the ‘bullit de peix’.


  • Indulge in local gourmet foods
  • Photograph the serenity
  • Snorkel in calm and clear waters

Day 8 | Palma de Mallorca

Return to Palma de Mallorca to conclude your yacht charter. If time allows, walk the old town streets to find hidden gems and stunning architecture you may have missed before. You can even arrange a formula one racing excursion; ask us how.

Please remember that this is just a sample of the Palma de Mallorca to Ibiza Charter Itinerary. Your captain will work with you to customize your trip to suit your group and the weather conditions.

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