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explore nature and wildlife yacht charter

Extra Ordinary Journey! Nature and Wildlife Yacht Charter

Why base yourself on land when you can experience sea life, birds, and mammals from the comfort of a luxury yacht? Wake up to whales outside your window and eat lunch alongside cheerful jumping dolphins. A nature and wildlife yacht charter provides an extraordinary opportunity to be immersed in tremendous ecosystems.

Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands’ remote location and underwater volcano are home to species not found anywhere else on this planet. A UNESCO site since 1978, the first ever, the islands nurture rare turtles, lizards, birds, fish, and sea animals. If you’re fascinated by the natural world around us, a private yacht charter to the Galapagos is indeed memorable.

Destinations for Amazing Yacht Charters

Alaska and Scandinavia also provide breathtaking scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities. A yacht charter to Alaska will transport you to a seemingly fictional scene of glaciers and sea lions. View the mountains full of bears and wild moose. Listen to the sounds of ice crashing into the water as you journey through interweaving fjords and bays outside Juneau and Tongas National Park.

Norway and Sweden yacht charters will also provide you with glacier views, including the largest in Europe outside Sognefjord, Norway. Cruise through the more than 240,000 island archipelago and discover picturesque fishing villages, mountains, and Viking history.

Many day hikes can be reached from the numerous marinas, giving you a glimpse of bears, wolves, and moose. The waters reveal numerous whales and sea lions, so keep your camera nearby. Northern Europe hides fascinating marine history, medieval traditions, and untouched beauty. Modern cities have top museums, exciting cuisine, and plenty of architecture to explore.

Explore Nature and Wildlife Yacht Charter Options

Consider a nature or wildlife yacht charter if you’re adventurous and want to explore some of the world’s most beautiful natural landscapes. From the icy glaciers of Scandinavia to the lush rainforests of Alaska, there are plenty of unique destinations to choose from.