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Palm Beach Boat Show 2013 | Super Yachts

Palm Beach Boat Show 2013 Super Yachts at The Palm Beach Boat Show 2013 is...

Palm Beach Boat Show 2013

Super Yachts at The Palm Beach Boat Show 2013 is one of the top five boat shows in the country – featuring more than $1.2 billion worth of boats, yachts, and accessories from the world’s leading marine manufacturers. It is truly an “international show.” The event includes hundreds of boats of different varieties, from 8 ft inflatables, power boats, fishing boats, center consoles, bow riders, and personal watercraft to super yachts over 150 ft.

March 21 – 24, 2013, was this year’s 28th annual show. This was my first boat show, and I was SO EXCITED! We arrived on Friday afternoon and immediately headed to the ramp, which took us to the super mega yachts, or as my companion calls them, “the big boats”. Representatives from several of these “big boats” allowed us to come on board to look inside.

Captain “Kelly Esser” of the 130ft luxury mega yacht “Mary Alice II” was gracious enough to take us on an impromptu tour. What a lovely boat. Cherry wood furniture accented with granite dominates the salon and dining rooms. An extensive collection of original nineteenth-century nautical paintings decorate the walls throughout the ship…read more.

However, the most memorable thing about this mega yacht was the hospitality from the captain and crew. The young, energetic crew enjoys children and hosting families.  Captain Kelly mentioned that his crew happily set up a playpen in the sky lounge for a recent family charter.

Additional Super Yachts | Palm Beach Boat Show 2013

“Blind Date” was another imposing luxury motor yacht. This 161ft trinity yacht contained a subtle yet chic decor. The shimmery grays and silver-toned upholstery invites you could relax and be yourself while lying in the lap of luxury.

"Arianna" owners suite - office
“Arianna” owners suite – office

As the afternoon progressed, there were many more dazzling superyachts to visit. However, the Palm Beach Boat Show was coming to a close and luckily, we saved the BEST for last!

The brand new 164ft “Arianna” is the creme de la creme of superyachts. Walking through this ship was like walking through a dream. The chef had rich, elegant desserts waiting for us, such as elder-flower liquor and trifles, along with an assortment of dark chocolate delicacies.  The yacht’s furnishings were made of koa wood, teak, bamboo, and snakeskin found throughout the ship.  The massive Owners Suite was by far the most impressive and unique feature of this spacious yacht. The suite and twin stateroom are joined by a  private area called the “owners’ lounge,” which includes a work desk, HD TV, wet bar, and elegant seating. Connected to the suite is a private, partially-covered deck perfect for lounging in total privacy…read more.

Fishing Boat “Satu” – Palm Beach Boat Show

Also impressive was the massive sport-fishing boat “Satu.” The 90ft luxury yacht has a timber interior finish – predominantly Japanese Ash. Combining this with the beautiful dark wenge timber floors gives you a spacious, light, and airy feel throughout the ship. The vessel was designed and equipped to operate self-sufficiently for several months.

As we left the Palm Beach Boat Show and headed to our parking lot, I couldn’t help but think about the hard-working crews onboard these superyachts. Anyone living onboard these fantastic and luxurious ships must be filled with their challenges and rewards. It wouldn’t be a bad job if you’re not prone to seasickness!

Watch out for more | Palm Beach Boat Show 2013

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UPDATE: Palm Beach Boat Show returns to Florida’s East Coast in 2023!

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