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Private Sailboat Charter | Set Sail on Freedom

Imagine gliding across a turquoise ocean with the wind in your hair on a private...

Imagine gliding across a turquoise ocean with the wind in your hair on a private sailboat charter. Discover hidden coves and pristine beaches. Unlike crowded cruise ships, private sailboat charters offer a unique and intimate way to explore stunning destinations.

We’re experts in crafting personalized yacht charters. This overview covers everything you need to know about private sailboat charters. We’ll cover the benefits, what to expect on board, and how to choose the right charter for your dream vacation.

Vanishing Point, navigates crystal-clear waters on a private sailboat charter.
Unwind and explore in paradise with a private sailing charter aboard the Vanishing Point.

Setting Sail on Adventure: Understanding Private Sailboat Charter

A private sailboat charter offers intimacy and freedom. You get a private yacht with a professional crew to handle sailing, navigation, and meal preparation. The crew ensures your comfort and enjoyment, so you can relax and soak up the experience.

Explore secluded bays, dive into vibrant coral reefs, or relax on deck and enjoy the scenery. The days are yours to design. A private sailboat charter lets you reconnect with nature, create lasting memories, and experience sailing in comfort and style.

Why choose a private sailboat charter? Escape the Ordinary

Dreaming of a vacation unlike any other? A private sailboat charter unlocks a world of amazing benefits, transforming your trip from ordinary to extraordinary. Here’s how:

  • Unwind in Unmatched Privacy: Imagine the turquoise waters of the Caribbean or the sparkling Mediterranean all to yourselves. No crowded buffets or jostling for pool space—just pure relaxation and intimacy with your loved ones.
  • Craft Your Dream Adventure: Unlike cruise ships with set schedules, a private charter lets you design your perfect travel plan. Explore hidden coves, secluded beaches, and vibrant island towns—all at your own pace.
  • Unlock Hidden Gems: Sailboats can navigate where larger vessels can’t. Discover pristine beaches and secret snorkeling spots untouched by the crowds.
  • Immerse Yourself in Nature: Feel the warm breeze on your skin, listen to the rhythm of the waves, and witness breathtaking sunsets. A private sailboat charter reconnects you with the beauty of the natural world.
  • Luxurious Comfort: Modern sailboats offer top-notch amenities, spacious cabins, and professional service. Enjoy all the comforts of home while being surrounded by stunning scenery.
  • Disconnect to Reconnect: Escape the daily grind and reconnect with your loved ones. Private charters offer a unique opportunity to unwind, bond, and create lasting memories.

This isn’t just a vacation; it’s an experience designed for you. Choose a private sailboat charter for Caribbean clear waters, Mediterranean history, or Southeast Asia’s charm.

Setting Sail on Adventure: Where to Visit on Your Private Sailboat Charter?

A private sailboat charter offers a world of possibilities! Each destination offers unique experiences, so choosing the right one depends on your interests and travel style. Here’s a glimpse into some of the most popular regions to explore by private sailboat:

The Caribbean: Paradise Found

Sparkling turquoise waters lap a white sandy beach in the Bahamas, inviting exploration on a private sailboat charter adventure.
The Bahamas’ dreams are within reach. Set sail on your private adventure with a sailboat charter.
  • Destination Highlights: Picture turquoise waters with marine life, lush green islands, and a vibrant culture. The Caribbean is a classic sailing destination for a reason.
  • Island Features & Activities: Explore hidden coves, secluded beaches, and charming port towns. Explore rainforests, snorkel coral reefs, and savor fresh seafood on a beachfront. The Caribbean caters to all interests.
  • Cuisine: Savor delicious island flavors—think fresh seafood, jerk chicken, and tropical fruits.

Here is a list of a few Caribbean yachts:

The Mediterranean: History Meets Luxury

Lush green hills meet the sparkling Ionian Sea along the coast of Corfu Island, Greece.
Discover hidden coves and charming villages around Corfu Island on a private sailboat charter adventure.
  • Destination Highlights: Immerse yourself in ancient history, explore charming coastal towns, and indulge in delicious cuisine. The Mediterranean offers a unique blend of culture and beauty.
  • Island Features & Activities: Explore ruins in Greece, wander Croatia‘s coastal towns, or relax on Italy’s beaches. The Mediterranean offers a taste of history, culture, and relaxation.
  • Cuisine: Enjoy seafood in Greece and pasta in Italy; the Mediterranean offers a delicious culinary scene.

Here is a list of a few Mediterranean yachts:

Southeast Asia: Adventure Awaits

Dramatic rock formations rise above the emerald waters of Göynük Canyon National Park, Turkey. Experience a different side of Turkey on a private sailboat charter.
Uncover the breathtaking beauty of Göynük Canyon National Park, Turkey.
  • Destination Highlights: Discover a region rich in culture, explore a remote island and encounter fascinating wildlife. Southeast Asia offers a true adventure for the curious explorer.
  • Island Features & Activities: Dive in Thailand, explore temples in Indonesia, or kayak in the Philippines. Southeast Asia is a playground for adventure seekers.
  • Cuisine: Enjoy curries in Thailand, spring rolls in Vietnam, and noodles across Southeast Asia.

Choosing the Right Yacht: Your Perfect Private Sailboat Charter Awaits!

So, you’ve set your sights on a private sailboat adventure—a fantastic choice! Now comes the exciting part: selecting the yacht that perfectly matches your dream vacation. Here’s a quick reference to help you navigate the options:

  • What: Consider who you’ll be sailing with. Are you planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or an adventure with friends? The number of guests and their needs will determine the size and layout of the ideal yacht for you.
  • Where: The destination holds significant importance. The Caribbean, with its calm waters, might favor a catamaran for spacious living areas. The Mediterranean, with its historic ports, might be better suited for a sleek monohull sailboat for easier maneuvering.
  • When: Weather conditions can influence your choice. Sailing the South Pacific during the wet season might call for a yacht with a covered deck for relaxation. The dry season in Southeast Asia might favor a yacht with ample sunbathing space.
  • How: Think about your desired level of activity. Do you crave a luxurious experience with a professional crew catering to your every need? Or are you a seasoned sailor looking for a hands-on sailing adventure? The crew size and your sailing experience will influence your yacht selection.

Consider what, where, when, and how to choose the perfect private sailboat.

Choosing the Yacht for Your Private Sailboat Charter

The yacht you choose sets the stage for your dream vacation, so picking the right one is important! Let’s explore some of the models available and their unique features:


  • Size and Layout: The ATLANTIC is a 211-foot sailboat with a cozy yet functional layout, suitable for many guests. Its design maximizes space use, ensuring a comfortable journey.
  • Features: This sailboat provides a stable and reliable sailing experience, appealing to those looking for a classic sailing adventure. It offers luxury amenities for a comfortable journey.
  • Number of Crew: A 12-person crew team supervises the ATLANTIC, providing a distinctive and exclusive experience.

JASALI II a Sailing Yacht

  • Size and Layout: The JASALI II, at 173 feet, offers a spacious and luxurious layout for large groups. Its multiple cabins and expansive deck space ensure both comfort and privacy.
  • Features: This sailboat provides a stable and swift sailing experience, appealing to those seeking both speed and comfort. It offers luxury amenities such as gourmet dining options, entertainment systems, and water sports equipment.
  • Number of Crew: With ten crew members, the JASALI II offers a unique and exclusive experience.


  • Size and Layout: The SCORPIOS has a large layout for guest comfort and socializing.
  • Features: enhanced stability, luxury interiors, advanced navigation, and plush sleeping quarters.
  • Number of Crew: A full crew of 10 ensures worry-free operations.


  • Size and Layout: Spacious, private, and communal areas for comfort.
  • Features: Designed for optimal performance with smooth handling, featuring gourmet kitchens, entertainment systems, and luxurious cabins.
  • Number of Crew: With a complete team of nine, the high standards of operation and service are maintained.

All About U 2

  • Size and Layout: A sailing yacht with a spacious living area with multiple decks for comfort and activities.
  • Features: Stable sailing with a spa, gourmet dining, and high-tech entertainment.
  • Number of Crew: A complete crew of ten ensures the perfect functioning of the boat, improving the visitor experience.

Booking Your Dream Private Sailboat Charter: A Smooth Journey from Start to Finish

Ready to set sail on a memorable adventure? Here’s a step-by-step guide to navigate the booking process for your private sailboat charter:

  • Initial Inquiry: Spark the conversation! Contact our team with your initial questions and desired vacation dates. We’ll be happy to discuss your dream destination, group size, and any preferences you may have.
  • Personal Consultation: Schedule a consultation! We’ll schedule a personalized consultation to get to know you better. Share your vision for the trip, and we’ll craft a custom travel plan.
  • Yacht Selection: Find your ideal yacht! Based on your preferences and travel plan, we’ll present a selection of yachts that perfectly match your needs. From spacious to luxurious, you’ll have options to suit your style and group size.
  • Contracts and Terms: Reviewing the details. We’ll provide a detailed charter agreement, including the yacht, crew, amenities, and pricing. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
  • Preparation for Your Journey: Bon voyage prep! We’ll give you all the information needed for a smooth embarkation, including packing tips and travel documents.
  • Boarding and Setting Sail: Time to set sail! Our team will ensure a warm welcome aboard your chosen yacht. Relax, unwind, and let the captain and crew take care of everything as you begin your dream adventure.

Customer Reviews: Setting Sail on a Sea of Endorsements

Reading about other travelers’ experiences can ease concerns and build excitement for your private yacht charter. Here are some reviews from our happy clients:

SCORPIOS Guest Review

The most magical trip I have ever taken on a yacht. Every detail was attended to by the staff in the most professional manner. I am a very particular person who does not say these things unless they are perfect.

We can honestly say every single one of the crew members was outstanding in their positions. I highly recommend this beautiful brand-new boat with contemporary finishes, huge staterooms, and beautifully appointed finishes. I have already recommended it to a couple of friends, who have reached out to me regarding the trip.

Congrats to the owner, who put an incredible team together, as well as a fantastic vessel.

ACAPELLA Guest Review

Thank you so much for a wonderful week here in Croatia! You made our experience very memorable. How Acapella came to be is an amazing and inspiring story.

The entire crew was amazing and very gracious. We enjoyed all of the special and delicious meals. Thanks again, we will be back!

ELLEN Guest Review

Captain Pablo

Thank you for our best-ever cruise in the Caribbean. We loved every minute. The BBQ was the highlight.

Your choice of destination in challenging conditions made all the difference.

Top Skipper!

Clive, Rowena, Edwind, and Max

Expert Tips: Sail Smoothly Towards Your Dream Private Sailboat Charter Vacation

You’ve booked your yacht and chartered your course; now let’s ensure a memorable private sailboat charter experience! Here are some insider tips from our experts:

  • Pack like a pro: research your destination’s climate and plan your outfits accordingly. Don’t forget essentials like swimsuits, sunscreen, a hat, and comfortable shoes.
  • Plan for fun: Discuss activity preferences with the captain or crew in advance. Do you dream of snorkeling vibrant coral reefs? Kayaking through hidden coves? Letting them know beforehand allows them to tailor their travel plan and suggest must-see locations.
  • Communicate clearly. Open communication is key. Discuss meal preferences, dietary restrictions, or any questions you may have with the crew. They are there to ensure your comfort and enjoyment, so don’t hesitate to ask!
  • Embrace the rhythm of the sea: Set aside your rigid schedules and unwind. Sailing is about connecting with nature and enjoying the moment. Let the gentle rocking of the waves lull you into relaxation.
  • Go with the flow: Weather conditions can sometimes change plans. Be flexible and trust the captain’s expertise to adjust the travel plan if necessary. Embrace the unexpected; you might discover hidden gems along the way!
  • Capture memories: Take photos and videos to document your incredible adventure. The breathtaking scenery and the memorable experiences capture it all to reminisce about for years to come.

Follow these tips and set sail with an open mind for an exceptional yacht charter experience. Now get ready to unwind, reconnect, and create memories that will last a lifetime!

FAQs | Private Sailboat Charter


Key Takeaways for Choosing Your Perfect Private Sailboat Charter:

  • Match your destination with the right yacht type: Consider weather, amenities, and group size when choosing a yacht.
  • The crew plays a role: Depending on the yacht size and your preferences, you might have a full crew catering to your needs.
  • Plan and communicate: Discuss your travel plan, activities, and dietary restrictions with the captain or crew beforehand. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Are you ready to turn your dream into reality? Contact our team today! We’ll help you craft the perfect private sailboat charter travel plan, answer any questions you may have, and guide you through the booking process. Start planning your dream adventure today and set sail on a memorable journey!

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