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Sea Leopard Baby-Boomer’s Delight

Sea Leopard Baby-Boomer’s Delight is Meredith’s impression after visiting the boat during the BVI Charter...

Sea Leopard Baby-Boomer’s Delight is Meredith’s impression after visiting the boat during the BVI Charter Shows on Tortola.

My father and his college buddies are still the best of friends, even after 40 years since their days together in school.  Though there are many miles between them, they maintain their relationships through phone calls, emails, and sometimes even Facebook.

But what keeps their friendships from getting stale is that they gather at least once a year. They reminisce, catch up, and, most importantly, make new memories.  These guys don’t need extreme sports or long foot treks through mountainous territories.  They don’t need extensive museum tours or the hustle and bustle of a busy city. They’re looking for good weather, terrific food, and some relaxing cocktails with a cigar and a beautiful sunset.  They’re looking for a perfect environment to enjoy that thing that never changes—a lifelong friendship.

A charter yacht like the Sea Leopard is perfect for a group of baby boomers.  Sea Leopard is a 62ft crewed luxury catamaran built by Leopard yachts, accommodating eight guests in four staterooms. It is based in the British Virgin Islands for crewed catamaran charters. Captain Peter and Chef Darcy have over 16 years of experience, and the feeling you have after meeting them is that they are experts at reading their guests well. Moreover, all your needs are met with Darcy’s fantastic food and Peter’s knowledge of the sea. And yes, they have several water toys if you want a little adventure. But with the life experience they have and how well they know their boat, you know that their hospitality will be effortless and they will be able to strike that all-important balance of participating in the vacation and disappearing when you need to have some space.

Active or Relaxed — It’s Up to You

You won’t feel some high-intensity, in-your-face pressure to go kneeboarding or any shame about calling it a night by 10:30 pm. Instead, you will experience the tropical breeze as you chat with Captain Peter on the flybridge or enjoy a second cup of coffee as you finish your morning crepes stuffed with sautéed fresh vegetables and greyer cheese served with fresh seasonal fruit and freshly toasted ciabatta bread.

You will enjoy a restful sleep in the spacious cabins and comfortable beds. In addition to plenty of room to visit with your family or friends in the cool, roomy salon. Laid out perfectly for reconnecting with the people in your life that make it worth living.

For more information about Sea Leopard Baby-Boomer’s Delight or other charter yachts, contact CKIM Group at 321.777.1707.

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