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Yacht Charter Review

Yacht Charter Review – FREEDOM

Yacht Charter Review – Freedom. Read on to see what two active families thought of...

Yacht Charter Review – Freedom. Read on to see what two active families thought of their time aboard FREEDOM

motor yacht “Freedom”

As always, Captain George and the crew aboard FREEDOM have exceeded expectations . . .

I wanted to…share some additional details of our experience on FREEDOM. From start to finish, Captain George, his crew, and the FREEDOM yacht offered us a first-class experience.

The boat was not only very impressive but also spacious. The bedrooms were so private; the music and satellite TV system that ran throughout the boat was easy to use, and temperature systems were in each bedroom. The design of the entire boat is quite exceptional. There are ample spaces to do just about anything throughout the course of the trip: tan, read, be in shade, be in air conditioning, relax in a hot tub, sit at a bar, watch a movie, fish, play board games, etc. It truly is a floating hotel.

FREEDOM: Outstanding Meals

While we expected to food to be good, we did not anticipate 3 gourmet, 5-star dining experience meals per day. Joseph (chef) was simply outstanding. He created meals that were memorable, healthy, and just the right amount of food. The children and adults alike loved each and every meal and appreciated the honoring of our requests while far exceeding our expectations.

While we expected to have play toys, we did not anticipate having Matt at our service, 24/7 to help us on and off of kayaks, paddleboards, willing to take the kids out wakeboarding and tubing, etc. Matt had the perfect temperament for adults and children alike– and was an incredible enabler to all of our fun trips snorkeling, paddle boarding, etc. He was a real gift and asset for the entire time.

While we expected to have good service, we did not anticipate Sarah’s artful setting of the tables for every meal— that made us feel as though we were eating in a different restaurant each day, even though we were at the same table as the prior meal and prior day. We would run down after breakfast to get something in our rooms. However, we found that Sarah had already made the beds and cleaned the bathrooms. She was the person who made everything beautiful and easy. She was a real joy to have and get to know.

The Captain

And while we expected a highly seasoned and competent captain, we felt honored to be under the care of Captain George Custer for a week. He was entirely willing to customize our plans and routes to meet our needs—- always with a plan, and always willing to change the plan as individual desires or weathers changed. He is a delightful person with rich life experiences that our entire group enjoyed. I would highly recommend him to any type or size of group. He seems to have seen and done it all— and knows how to read people and groups well. He is a gem and we felt safe in his care. It was hard to say good-bye!

The toys on the boat were key to our enjoyment as two active families. The paddle boards and kayaks were in constant use, as were the sea bobs when we were in waters where they were permitted. We used the smaller boats to take us snorkeling in many interesting places and enjoyed those side trips immensely.

All in all, as you suggested it would be, it really was the vacation of a lifetime for our families. It was hard to end— and we hope to do something like it again in the future.

I would strongly encourage you to steer future groups to “Freedom”. It has it all; it felt new and fresh; was immaculately clean and cared for— and had a crew second to none.

Thank you for your assistance with our planning and efforts. Please know we felt it could not have been improved.

Warm regards-
Leslie B”

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