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Yacht chartering Resources for a vacation, unlike any other vacation. Best of all, it’s a vacation where your only job is to relax, unwind, and enjoy.

What’s your Dream?

Let us help you discover one of the world’s best-kept travel secrets – yacht chartering! Why is chartering a private yacht better than a vacation at a resort? Why is chartering a private yacht better than taking a cruise? It is better because you make all the decisions! It is all about you! A private yacht charter tailored for you and arranged by Luxury Yacht Charters combines the best of an exclusive resort with the best of a small cruise ship in one package with a higher level of personalized service.

Yacht Chartering | Unforgettable Experiences

Yacht chartering combines the best features of a cruise ship and a luxury resort. You’ll travel to a different, unspoiled destination each day with a degree of pampering and personal attention you may not have experienced before. Say goodbye to crowds, waiting in lines, and preset itineraries. This is your private yacht, with various amenities, water sports to enjoy at will, and a tender to take you ashore whenever you please.

Yacht Chartering in your dream vacation destination.
Santorini Sunset

Worldwide Destinations

Choose from worldwide destinations! Whether you opt for the Bahamas or the Caribbean with the warm, inviting sun and crystal-clear waters; the Eastern or Western Mediterranean steeped in history and culture; the splendor of the Pacific Northwest or New England; or the beautiful destinations of Southeast Asia and Thailand, the world is your playground when it comes to yacht chartering.

Luxurious Yachts

Sailing yachts, catamarans, or motor yachts — we offer them all sized and priced to fit any lifestyle and budget. With hundreds of yachts to choose from, and a wealth of first-hand information to draw upon, Chris and Karin Patrick know which yachts are suitable for your particular needs and tastes. Whether you want a short intimate vacation for two aboard a 40-foot sailboat or a 300-foot super yacht to accommodate a larger group, we will take care of you. We will provide our suggestions, and you will choose your favorite. Then, we make all the arrangements for you: sailing itinerary, onboard preferences, flights, and hotel stay if necessary.

Yacht Chartering Resources | First-class Service

During your yacht charter vacation, you will enjoy first-class luxury service. Your professional crew will take care of all the details, so you can turn them off and tune out. The personal chef will plan each meal based on your desires and unique needs. Your skipper knows where to find the most secluded beaches, the quietest anchorages, or the liveliest evening entertainment.

“The crew of the Matina is amazing. They all provide a high level of service, yet they manage to be very personable and friendly to the guests. The food is excellent!…

Guest on Motor Yacht Matina

Water Sport Activities

Many yachts offer a myriad of water sports activities. Scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, water skiing, wakeboarding, fishing, windsurfing, and jet-skiing are just a few of the many activities you may find at your disposal. Your captain and crew are well-versed in operating this equipment and can offer instruction on many levels. Also, activities are not only limited to those only found afloat. You will also have ample opportunity to go ashore and enjoy land-based activities.

Please refer to our list of Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about yacht chartering.

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