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It goes without saying, a luxury yacht charter is an excellent vacation for anyone interested in water sports, both novices and those who are elite. With so many beautiful islands surrounded by coral reefs and UNESCO-protected ecosystems, the access you’ll have to snorkel and scuba diving sites is phenomenal. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced level diver, arrangements can be made to provide a personalized experience best suited for you and your group. Private charters afford you the opportunity to team up with local experts and certified teachers to give you the guidance you need.

For those of you interested in trying board sports like stand-up paddle boarding, windsurfing or kitesurfing, there are plenty of options for you too. While water sports can be arranged in most warm-weather destinations, we’ve outlined a few of our top recommendations. 

In addition to Florida, the Caribbean lends itself to water sports and exploring above and in the clear waters. Anguilla and the other Leeward Islands including Antigua are great choices for kitesurfing, jet skiing, and diving. The US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands are also home to excellent snorkeling, kitting, and kayaking. Some do however restrict jet skiing. The Windward Islands have great sailing and fishing spots to uncover as well. The Bahamas are a top choice for anyone looking to swim, snorkel and dive in brilliant blue waters, and even swim with nurse sharks.

Further south, the Galapagos have spectacular diving and snorkeling sites, while also home to spearfishing. Belize is notably famous for the Blue Cenote, an underwater cave off its coast, an epic experience for elite divers. Of course, we can’t forget the great water activities that await you in Europe. Croatia and Greece have windy conditions perfect for windsurfing, kiting, and more. Combined with hidden coves for snorkeling and diving, these two Mediterranean destinations make perfect water sports yacht charters.

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Your Bahamas yacht charter will take you to one or more of the archipelago’s seven hundred islands and two thousand cays. The Bahamas are in the Atlantic Ocean, southeast of Florida [...]

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More than 400 years ago, the first yacht found rest in the waters of Antigua. Today, the soothing breezes and calm waters still refresh boaters. […]

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