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New England Yacht Charters

Cangarda Classic Maine Yacht Charter: Rediscover Luxury

One of the last surviving American-built steam yachts is available for your Maine yacht charter....

One of the last surviving American-built steam yachts is available for your Maine yacht charter. Experience Cangarda Classic Maine Yacht Charter and explore Maine’s coastline, cuisine, and ambiance, while your experienced crew takes care of you.

History on the Water

The Cangarda is a rare jewel from the steam-yacht era. Also, it is one of only three Edwardian steam yachts in existence. Built-in 1901 at Pusey and Jones Shipyard in Wilmington, Delaware, Cangarda was a toy for the super-rich.

Classic Steamship Cangarda at anchor. Sailing in New England on Maine Yacht Charters.
Classic Steamship Cangarda at anchor

The Cangarda was host to prime ministers of England and Canada. The Prince of Wales, who went on to become King Edward VIII, also enjoyed sailing this magnificent ship. During World War II the Royal Canadian Navy used the ship as a training vessel.

Bringing Her Into the 21st Century

In the 1980s, a new owner began a restoration effort. The new owner sent the seven steam engines to England for restoration. The yacht’s elaborate wooden components were lovingly restored. Unfortunately, the owner became ill, and the project was abandoned.

In 2004, her current owner restarted the restoration effort. Finally, skilled craftsmen at Front Street Shipyard in Belfast, Maine, finished restoring this historic ship. 

Sailing New England in Style

Cangarda is now ready to welcome guests with luxurious cruising accommodations for up to 9 guests in 4 cabins. The master cabin features a queen-size berth, the VIP cabin has a queen-size berth with a single, and there are two additional cabins featuring double-size berths. Cruise the coast of New England in style aboard a magnificent luxury yacht with an illustrious past!

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