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Sail in Luxury and Style | Greece Monohull Yacht Charters!

Explore the magic of Greece monohull yacht charters as you embark on a sailing adventure on the stunning Mediterranean waters. Get ready for a luxurious adventure as you cruise through the charming Saronic Islands, the picturesque Cyclades, the inviting Ionian Islands, the peaceful Sporades, and the captivating Dodecanese. Greece offers perfect sailing conditions and a rich maritime history, promising an unforgettable journey.

What are Monohull Yachts?

Let’s talk about monohull yachts. They’re boats with a single hull, which means they come in different sizes and shapes. The hull is like the boat’s body that helps it float and move through the water.

Monohull yachts can be large or small, and they have different designs. The common ones are sloops and ketches, but there are many others too.

When you step onto the larger luxury monohull sailboats, you will notice that there is abundant space. These boats are perfect for longer trips of a week or longer. They have large cabins with bathrooms and showers and offer more than that. You’ll find comfortable common areas to relax, a roomy dining room, different decks to enjoy the view, and water toys for some extra fun.

Imagine sailing on a monohull yacht in Greece. It’s an amazing feeling. Picture yourself gliding smoothly over the water, powered only by the wind. It’s a unique experience that’s hard to put into words. The wind becomes your engine, and the water is your path – it’s an adventure you won’t forget.

Destinations to Sail on Greece Monohull Yacht Charters

Our Greece monohull yacht charters take you to some incredible places.

Cyclades Islands

There are the Cyclades, a group of islands with iconic blue and white buildings. You’ll start from Athens and sail through these islands. During the summer, the wind will help you go in one direction, and when you head back to Athens, you’ll face a different challenge. It’s like a thrilling puzzle of wind and waves.

Saronic Islands

The Saronic Gulf is a great choice if you prefer a more relaxed journey. It’s closer to Athens, so you’ll have shorter sailing trips. The winds are nice and mixed during July and August, making it a delightful experience. You’ll have all the time to soak in the beauty around you.

Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are perfect for a peaceful sail. The winds here are calmer in the summer months, which is great for a smoother ride. You’ll find yourself surrounded by crystal-clear waters and stunning landscapes, a true paradise for sailors.

Dodecanese Islands

The Dodecanese is the spot to explore for those who crave Greek and Turkish flavors. These islands offer a blend of both cultures, with the added bonus of being able to sail to Turkish towns and islands. It’s like getting a taste of two worlds in one journey.

Activities on Greece Monohull Yacht Charters

Greece monohull yacht charters are great for seasoned sailors as well as non-sailors. If you’re interested, you’re welcome to participate in sailing the boat. The captain will be there to guide and teach you the ropes. Alternatively, if you’d rather, you can leave the navigation to the captain and crew.

Besides sailing, there are many activities to enjoy on Greece monohull yacht charters. Here are just a few:

Island Hopping

The Greek Islands are breathtaking, each with its own unique charm and history. While aboard a monohull yacht, you’ll have the opportunity to hop from one captivating island to another, discovering hidden coves, ancient ruins, and vibrant local culture. Whether it’s the iconic blue and white buildings of the Cyclades or the serene landscapes of the Ionian Islands, each stop promises a new adventure.

Swimming and Snorkeling

The crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean invite you to indulge in refreshing swims and snorkeling excursions. Dive into the azure depths to uncover vibrant marine life and fascinating underwater landscapes. Feel the exhilaration of the sea enveloping you as you explore the hidden treasures beneath the waves.

Water Sports

Many of our monohull yachts come equipped with water toys that add an extra layer of excitement to your journey. Try your hand at kayaking, paddleboarding, or even windsurfing, all while surrounded by the stunning backdrop of Greece’s coastal scenery. These activities offer a unique perspective of the islands and an opportunity to engage with the sea in a more dynamic way.

Relaxation and Sunbathing

Bask in the Mediterranean sun on the decks of your monohull yacht. Whether you’re lounging on the open-air decks or enjoying the shade of a cozy nook, the gentle sea breeze and warm sun create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. Let the worries of the world drift away as you soak up the beauty around you.

Culinary Delights

Charters in Greece must include food! Indulge in the rich flavors of Greek cuisine while aboard your yacht. Your skilled chefs will prepare delicious meals using locally sourced ingredients. You can savor freshly caught seafood, traditional Greek dishes, and delectable desserts, all while surrounded by panoramic views of the sea.

Sunset Watching

The sunsets in Greece are truly magical, and there’s no better vantage point than from the deck of a monohull yacht. As the sun dips below the horizon, the sky transforms into a canvas of breathtaking colors, casting a warm glow over the tranquil waters. It’s a perfect time to reflect on the day’s adventures and anticipate the ones to come.


As night falls and the yacht gently sways with the sea, the sky above becomes a captivating display of stars. Away from city lights, you’ll be treated to an awe-inspiring view of the celestial wonders above. Gaze up at the constellations, spot shooting stars, and enjoy a truly magical experience.

Secluded Anchorages

One of the joys of sailing on a monohull sailing yacht is the ability to access secluded anchorages that are often unreachable by larger vessels. Drop anchor in tranquil bays and enjoy the peace and privacy that comes with being surrounded by nature.


The stunning landscapes, charming villages, and vibrant waters provide a photographer’s paradise. Capture the beauty of Greece from unique angles and perspectives as you navigate through the archipelagos.

Book Your Yachting Vacation in Greece

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or someone new to sailing, your Greece yacht charter offers a remarkable way to experience the beauty and history of this region. On your sailing vacation, let the wind guide you as you discover the wonders of the Mediterranean.

Greece’s diverse destinations, combined with the comfort and luxury of our yachts, promise a journey of discovery and a deeply enriching experience that will stay with you forever. Book your yachting vacation in Greece today.