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Italy Luxury Tours with – Renovatio

Renovatio Luxury Tours Italy has just opened its doors to the traveling public. Alessandro Tieppo...

Renovatio Italy luxury Tours
Renovatio Italy Luxury Tours

Renovatio Luxury Tours Italy has just opened its doors to the traveling public.

Alessandro Tieppo – General Director – and Diana Ricci – Tour Coordinator – decided to start a new business in the field of Luxury Tourism.

Renovatio Background

He says, “After years of marketing experience in other sectors, I decided to jump into this new exciting adventure with my business partner Diana, who has been working in the tourism field for years. Traveling with style and class allows people to enjoy the magic atmosphere this Country has to offer totally. We want to give our clients the best and highest service so that they can experience the trip without worrying about all the traveling stuff tourists usually have to deal with.”

Our clients are pampered and coddled with the finest comforts,” says Diana, “because we want them to completely feel the charm of our destinations and of the luxury accommodations we propose. When they go back home, they should have the so-called Africa bug but converted into the “Mal d’Italia.” This County offers such a wide range of experiences that you should visit more than once!”

In winter, the majestic Dolomites Mountains (UNESCO World Heritage) are perfect for long and exciting ski excursions. What’s more, the landscape is beyond compare. Luxury hotels located next to the ski slopes offer relaxation and tranquility. In addition, they provide every kind of comfort and wellness treatments.

Spring is the ideal season to discover cultural cities. First, visit the city on the water, Venice. Next, go to the city of Romeo & Juliet, Verona. From there, I traveled to the fashion capital, Milan, to the colossal Rome, and lastly, to Florence, the jewel of the Renaissance. Lakes Como and Garda offer unique stays thanks to their prestigious Villas and enchanting views.

The South of Italy and its islands are of unequaled beauty. You can enjoy this area almost any time of the year. It still preserves the unspoiled rural charm with grand villas, banks of brilliantly colored bougainvillea, and lemon groves. Not only that, but you’ll see limestone rock rising sheerly through the impossibly blue water. Sailing around these small islands is one of the most exciting experiences!

Unparalleled Dining

All this is matched with the unparalleled gastronomic experience: the delicious taste of the finest Italian cuisine accompanies our travelers throughout their journey. From North to South, Italy has a wide range of tastes, flavors, and scents, which are so different from each other and so unique!

Renovatio works to make your dreams come true! Contact Ilx Travel Inc, our sister company for Italy luxury tours.

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