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Kings Ransom Lunch Review

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Kings Ransom Lunch Review

At this year’s BVI Boatshow in Nanny Cay, I was lucky enough to be invited to a lunch on charter catamaran King’s Ransom. Chef Niki Payne decided to take a gamble and prepare a meal for all of the guests that was completely vegan as she was inspired by one of the guest’s plant-based diet. Why is that such a gamble? Because for some people, the phrase ‘vegan diet’ equals nothing but kale salad and granola, and these lunches are meant to demonstrate the quality and level of service future charter guests might experience. If a chef prepares a specialized menu and it fails to impress, the brokers are left with a bad taste in their mouths (pun intended) and might hesitate to book charters on the boat.

So there’s a risk to creating a meal that, to some, might be challenging. However, Chef Niki’s bet paid off in spades.

First Impressions

The "Green Tail" served on board luxury catamaran King's Ransom

The “Green Tail” served on board luxury catamaran King’s Ransom

The meal started before we were even seated as I and the other guests were offered one of the most refreshing beverages I’ve ever had. Called a “Green Tail”, this drink could be served with or without rum and included sparkling water, lime, mint, and a little infused ice stirrer. Yes, it sounds like a mojito, but this was more like the mojito’s more sophisticated cousin. I opted for the non-alcoholic version and decided right then that I needed to make this little refresher a permanent addition to my life.

After all of the guests had arrived, First Mate Daniel Asmus and Stewardess Martina Walla escorted us to our seats in the dining area of the main interior salon. On each plate was a printed menu explaining that our meal was designed to celebrate “local, organic, mindful food that cleanses, nourishes and soothes your soul.” Sounded good, but how would it taste?

High Expectations, Even Higher Results

Chef Niki was confident as she went over the menu with us and the first course of Green Olive and Roasted Garlic Flatbread was served to each of us on individual breadboards sprinkled with exotic salts and a small serving of hummus. At my first bite, I knew she had every reason to be. The bread was not too doughy, not too tough and the olives and garlic were tastefully present without being overwhelming.

Chef Niki served a delicious, vegan main course

Chef Niki served a delicious, vegan main course

At just the right time we were served our salad course, a Micro Herb Salad with Roasted Almonds and Lemon Dressing. The flavors of this little salad were as bright as the salad itself. The almonds gave a small crunch to the delicate leaves and the lemon dressing provided just the right zest.

Following the salad, we were served our main course of Spinach and Fennel Fettuccini with Almond Cheese, Pea Puree, and Pistachio Pesto. The flavors and textures of this course blended perfectly. The almond ‘cheese’ provided a bit of creaminess that you would expect of a fettuccini dish, yet being a vegan recipe, did not include any dairy. This is no easy task (I say this from experience) and Chef Niki did a terrific job of it.

For dessert, we were served Raw Zillionaire Pots. Inspired by one of Chef Niki’s favorite candy bars, this layered parfait-style treat was presented in individual glass mason jars and topped with edible gold flakes. That’s right. Gold. Flakes. The dessert contained no added sugar but held just the right amount of sweetness from the natural sugars in the ingredients, which allowed the cocoa flavor to stand out.

Details, Details, Details…

Kings Ransom lunch review, every detail was acknowledged on this luxury catamaran.

Every detail was acknowledged on luxury catamaran King’s Ransom.

We were offered a variety of coffees and teas after dessert and I asked for a cappuccino. The soft white foam topping the warm cappuccino was finished off with a cinnamon heart dusted on top, and I would say that final detail just about summed up the entire experience.

Chef Niki, along with Captain Peter Clapp (who visited with us despite injuring his arm that morning), First Mate Daniel and Stewardess Martina, provide for their guests as they do King’s Ransom herself—with love, care, and pride. There is no doubt that they will put that same effort into your vacation charter. King’s Ransom will be sailing in Croatia during the summers of 2015 and 2016, so if you’ve been thinking of visiting this area of the world, trust that you will have the experience of a lifetime with this charter yacht and crew.

Kings Ransom Lunch review is one of many delightful lunches we experience at the yacht charter shows.

To find out more about King’s Ransom, contact the Luxury Yacht Charters division of CKIM Group at (321) 777-1707.

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