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Massachusetts Yacht Charter

Massachusetts is one of America’s original 13 colonies. The city of Boston is the capital. It borders the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island to the south, New Hampshire and Vermont to the north, and New York to the west. Include Massachusetts as part of your New England Yacht Charter itinerary.

Boston | Harbor Highlights and Adventures

Boston | Harbor Highlights and Adventures
North America Boston | Harbor Highlights and Adventures Embarking on a luxury yacht charter vacation to Boston is an exquisite way to experience this iconic city's rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning coastal beauty. With its charming neighborhoods, renowned landmarks, and world-class marinas, Boston provides an unforgettable backdrop for an indulgent maritime adventure. Whether you're seeking relaxation, exploration, or a blend of both, Boston offers an array of experiences that will captivate you. Boston Boston could be a stop sailing from Newport to Maine. Also, full-day, half-day, and evening yacht charters are available in Boston Harbor. Weather Here, the summers are warm, the winters are frigid and wet, and it is partly cloudy year-round. Over the year, the temperature typically varies from 23°F to 82°F and is rarely below 9°F or above 91°F. Places to see around Boston Visit the Paul Revere House. Built around 1680, this was the colonial...


Explore Cape Cod on a Luxury Yacht Charter Adventure

Explore Cape Cod on a Luxury Yacht Charter Adventure
North America Explore Cape Cod on a Luxury Yacht Charter Adventure Steeped in American history, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is a sandy, hook-shaped peninsula extending into the Atlantic Ocean. And, because it has miles of beaches, it's a popular summertime destination. The area boasts fabulous beaches, quaint villages, seafood restaurants, lighthouses, and exciting places to explore. And Cape Cod is a destination the whole family will enjoy while on a New England Boat Charter. Cape Cod Lighthouse A Brief History of Cape Cod Cape Cod holds a significant place in American history. Here, the Pilgrims landed in 1620, seeking religious freedom and establishing the Plymouth Colony. Due to storms and navigational challenges, they initially intended to settle near the mouth of the Hudson River. However, they made landfall at Cape Cod, specifically at a location they named Provincetown Harbor. This event marked the beginning of the Plymouth Colony, one of North...


Martha’s Vineyard | Timeless Island Beauty

Martha’s Vineyard | Timeless Island Beauty
North America Martha's Vineyard | Timeless Island Beauty Martha's Vineyard is an island in the Atlantic just south of Cape Cod. This picturesque New England island has harbor towns, lighthouses, sandy beaches, and farmland, and it's accessible only by boat or air. We recommend visiting this lovely Island on a private Martha's Vineyard yacht charter. Cottage on Martha's Vineyard. A Brief History of Martha's Vineyard Martha's Vineyard has a long and interesting history. Before Europeans arrived, it was home to the Wampanoag Native American people. English settlers came in the early 1600s, and the island became known for its whaling industry in the 18th and 19th centuries. During this time, wealthy New Englanders started visiting the island as a summer getaway, leading to the construction of beautiful mansions and the growth of tourism. Martha's Vineyard also has a unique cultural legacy, with a historically high population of deaf individuals who...


Nantucket Yacht Charter

Nantucket Yacht Charter
North America Nantucket Yacht Charter Nantucket is an island about 30 miles by ferry south of Cape Cod in the U.S. state of Massachusetts. Together with the small islands of Tuckernuck and Muskeget, constitutes this charming town. Add Nantucket to your New England Yacht Charter itinerary. Nantucket Lighthouse Weather If you're wondering about the weather during your yacht charter in this town, here are some facts to help you plan your vacation. Summers are comfortable, humid, and windy; the winters are very cold, wet, and extremely windy. It is partly cloudy year-round. Over the year, the temperature typically varies from 26°F to 75°F and is rarely below 14°F or above 81°F. Nantucket Yacht Charter | Places to see A sailboat ride is a perfect way to explore everything Nantucket offers. If you're looking for adventure, here are some of the best places to visit on your next Nantucket yacht charter. Stroll...


Every region, from the Berkshires to Cape Cod, offers memorable adventures for both young and old. Plan a getaway to Boston's cultural and historical sites or enjoy this beautiful waterfront.

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Massachusetts has a mainly humid continental climate. The summers are warm. Winters are cold and snowy. Average high temperatures in July are above 80 °F, and overnight lows are above 60 °F.

The state is prone to nor'easters and severe winter storms. Thunderstorms are common in the summer.

Massachusetts | Places to see

  • Take the Island Queen ferry to Martha's Vineyard. If you have a bike, bring it on board!
  • If you're in Boston, stroll along the Rose Kennedy Greenway. This 1.5-mile-long park curves through the heart of Boston. You'll find restaurants, trendy food trucks, beautiful gardens, and a carousel.
  • The USS Constitution, nicknamed "Old Ironsides." Docked at the Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston, this ship is the oldest commissioned warship in the world.
  • For an obscure yet interesting afternoon, visit the Paper House in Rockport. This 80-year-old house is built out of newspapers.

Massachusetts | Things to do

  • Go fishing. Massachusetts has numerous saltwater and freshwater fishing spots.
  • Camp at one of the state's 15 national parks.
  • Bike
  • Cheer on the Red Sox at historic Fenway Park. If it isn't baseball season, you can still tour the grounds.
  • Relax on fabulous beaches. Choose from various beaches, from 15 saltwater ocean beaches to more than 50 inland, fresh-water beaches.


Constitution Marina in Boston, Danversport Marina in Danvers, and Newburyport Marina in Newbury.