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Wellness & Spa Experiences

A luxury yacht charter is meant to relax and rejuvenate you. Wellness and Spa experiences are possible. It will do just that, from a massage to yoga sessions and onboard spas. Some larger yachts have gyms, saunas, pools, and hot tubs to enjoy leisurely. Notable yachts to consider include Force Blue, Kismet, and Cloudbreak. Below, you’ll find even more recommendations.

Greece Motor Yacht Zaliv III offers Spa treatments and a Wellness Experience.

Charter Insights

Nearly every charter can also supply your yacht with specific workout equipment and gear, pending onboarding logistics. Treadmills, bikes, rowing machines, and more can be a part of your daily routine during your stay. Yoga and Pilates instructors can be arranged ahead of time, or you can instead access virtual instruction via the onboard WiFi and other technology at your disposal. Just be sure to communicate your needs in advance.


Equally important, your private chef will prepare your meals to your dietary needs, preferences, and health requirements. You won’t have to worry about whether or not a restaurant will be able to accommodate your needs. Your whole group’s palette and wishes will be carefully considered and catered to. You only need to worry about having a good time!

“The crew of the Matina is amazing. They all provide a high level of service, yet they manage to be very personable and friendly to the guests. The food is excellent!

Guest on Motor Yacht Matina

Charter destinations can also offer natural thermal baths and healing waters for enjoyment. Italy’s islands, including Ischia off the coast of Naples, are home to seaside baths and structured park environments with instructed visits, swimming pools, and more. In Sicily’s Aeolian islands, you can relax in the sulfur waters of Vulcano, an island rich in minerals and famous for its mud baths.

South Florida and the Keys are also home to many spas and wellness activities, easily accessed from a yacht charter from Miami. Further south, the Bahamas and St. Lucia both have numerous spa amenities and treatments to refresh you along your yacht journey. Turks and Caicos even have the Amanyara; a new hotel focused on wellness and detox. Whatever you may be looking for, we can help create a custom wellness and spa yacht charter experience for you.