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Best Bahamas Marinas for Your Charter

The Bahama Islands are a beautiful destination for your yacht charter. They are very close...

The Bahama Islands are a beautiful destination for your yacht charter. They are very close to the United States. The nearest island is only 44 miles from Miami, Florida. Here are a few of the best Bahamas Marinas.

While visiting these spectacular islands, you will no doubt spend some time at Bahamas Marinas. Marinas offer a safe night harbor and serve as a home base for exploring the island.

Larger Bahamas marinas with adjacent resorts often allow visiting yacht guests to use the resort’s facilities, such as swimming pools, restaurants, and spas.

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The Bahama Islands: A Brief Overview

The archipelago has about 2,400 cays (pronounced “keys”) and 700 islands. However, only 30 are inhabited. Shallow waters distinguish the Bahama Islands. The word ‘Bahamas’ means ‘shallow water’ in old Spanish.

Due to the shallow water, vessels such as catamarans and shallow draught motor yachts are the best boats for this area.

You will immediately feel welcome at any of the Bahama Islands. Not only are the people friendly and helpful, but they also love to share their culture. If your yacht charter happens to include December 26, you will be able to celebrate the cultural Junkanoo!

During this traditional festival, people in colorful costumes parade through the streets of Nassau, playing drums, horns, cowbells, and whistles.

Climate and Weather

Temperatures in most of the Bahamas linger between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the gentle trade winds, the weather is usually comfortable. However, summers may see temperatures from 80 to 90 degrees and higher humidity.

The wet season runs from June to November. Although some days are damp and grey in the rainy season, showers usually pass quickly.

Bahamas | Things to See and Do

The water around the islands is crystal clear, perfect for diving, snorkeling, and swimming. In addition to water activities, there are many land-based pursuits to explore.

Choose from beaches, biking, boating, golfing, snorkeling, diving, shopping, nightlife, history tours, and more. Each island offers a unique vibe. For example, Nassau has abundant nightlife, while the Exumas are more laid back.

Bahamas Marinas

There are marinas on nearly every central island. Depending on their size, marinas may offer everything from showers to shopping and dining. Click on the links below to see what some have to offer.

Abaco Islands Marinas

Berry Islands Marinas

Exuma Islands Marinas

Harbour Island | Bahamas Marinas

Bimini Island | Bahamas Marinas

Eleuthera Island Marinas

Learn more about Abaco Beach Resort Marina Bahamas.

When visiting the Exumas, enjoy one of the top Bahamas Marinas in Highbourne Cay.

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