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Adventure awaits adjust your preconceived notions. Panama has a new attitude and a great deal to offer the yacht charter adventurer and wildlife enthusiast. Furthermore, the enhanced infrastructure and better facilities. In addition to the enthusiasm from Panamanians to show off the very best, their country has to offer. Has made a definite improvement in this vacation destination. Good beaches, strong tribal cultures, and real adventure await you on a Panama yacht charters vacation.

Situated between North and South America, Panama is justly named as the Crossroads of the Americas. Panama is known for its nature-rich and accessible rain-forests; along with spectacular mountains and highlands.

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Sailboat Domicil on a Panama Yacht Charter


The southernmost of the Central American nations, Panama, is located south of Costa Rica and north of Colombia. The Panama Canal bisects the isthmus at its narrowest and lowest point. Thereby allowing passage from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean. Panama is marked by a chain of mountains in the west, moderate hills in the interior, and a low mountain range on the east coast. Furthermore, there are extensive forests along its fertile Caribbean coast.

Nature and History

Panama’s location is at the southernmost range of many North American species. And the northernmost range of many South American species creates a melting pot rich in animal and plant life. Fortunately, nearly 30% of Panama’s land is protected in national parks, forest reserves, and wildlife sanctuaries. This provides great opportunities to see the country’s wealth of flora and fauna.  But, it’s not only nature that pulls you in. The country has a fascinating history as a Spanish colony. Along with being a transit route for the conquistadors’ riches from Peru. Often plundered by pirates that provide intriguing historical sites to visit.


Here is a country where tribal communities of indigenous peoples survive with fortitude. Moreover, struggling to preserve age-old cultures and a prosperous future for their children. The largest, the Kuna, have a degree of autonomy over their homelands. This includes the beautiful islands of the Kuna Yala (San Blas) archipelago. They warmly welcome visitors for a taste of paradise at their delightfully simple lodges purpose-built by the communities.

Bocas del Toro & The San Blas Islands

Bocas del Toro and the San Blas Islands are located on the Caribbean coast of the Panama Isthmus. They lye outside the hurricane belt, hence making this an ideal destination for sailing yachts. Bocas del Toro is a very popular second home and primary residence for many Americans and Europeans. Here you’ll discover beautiful islands, deserted beaches, fishing, scuba diving, and surfing. Additionally, the San Blas Islands, an archipelago of 365 islands to explore, offers exceptional sailing. In addition, it is home to the indigenous Kuna Indians.

The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is a truly amazing engineering achievement. In fact the trials and tribulations of building it make a remarkable story that lives long in the mind. In fact, imagine sailing right through this giant monument dividing the Americas. You can do this, and more, on a Panama yacht charters vacation arranged by Luxury Yacht Charters.

Panama has more than 1500 islands to explore and 1000 miles of coastline. So it’s easy to see why touring Panama by private yacht charter is the way to go!

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