Bahamas Catamaran Charters

Catamaran Something Wonderful Lunch-Review

A few years back, at a past BVI Tortola Boatshow, we were invited to be a guest at a broker’s luncheon on the luxury catamaran “Something Wonderful”. This was a great opportunity to meet the crew and see the yacht firsthand. We were able to tour the yacht, a 2014 58’ Leopard that accommodates 8 […]

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Newport Charter Yacht Show Chef Competition

Newport Charter Yacht Show’s Chef Competition and more. Chef Competition Crew Competitions Serve Up Sustainable Luxury, and Plenty of Fun at Newport Charter Yacht Showpresented by Helly Hansen Newport. Newport Charter Yacht Show Chef Competition One of the notable highlights of every year’s Newport Charter Yacht Show, presented by Helly Hansen Newport, is the Chef’s […]

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Chef Pano explaining the course at lunch during the 2017 Greek Yacht Show

High-Bar Set by BARENTS SEA

Καλώς Ορίσατε! Welcome aboard the Greek Motor Yacht BARENTS SEA, now called Motor Yacht JULIO. An excellent lunch onboard BARENTS SEA set a high bar for dining at the 2017 Greek Yacht Show. Indeed, it was certainly one to remember. We are often forced to rework menus and pick and choose our dining options. This was […]

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Greek yacht charter MILOS AT SEA Cuisine

Lunch Aboard Greek Motor-Yacht MILOS-AT-SEA

The warm ocean breeze kissed our faces as we set out for lunch aboard Greek motor-yacht MILOS-AT-SEA. Her name derives from the owner’s six Milos restaurants located in Athens, Montreal, New York, Miami, London, and Las Vegas. Every charter with MILOS-AT-SEA brings Chef Periklis Panayotou’s fine dining selections to the table. Couple that with the […]

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Luxury Yacht Charter FREEDOM

Luxury Yacht Charter ‘Freedom’ Impresses at Brokers’ Luncheon There are meals in a person’s lifetime that surpass their duties of simple sustenance and instead become bookmarked moments. For example, my grandmother’s comforting biscuits and molasses on a cold winter morning, a seven-course meal at a four-star restaurant in Paris, and most recently, my luncheon on […]

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Sailing Vessel "Turkish Delight"

Award-Winning Yacht Chef Lee

If you’re a foodie wanting to learn more about different cuisines, a private yacht charter is for you. Not only can the yacht charter chef create out-of-this-world meals, but they can teach various ingredients and different cooking techniques. Award-Winning Yacht Chef Elizabeth Lee was the Winner of the Marmaris Yacht Show Chef Competition 2015.  Moreover, M/S […]

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Three Moons yacht cuisine. Smoked Salmon Cheesecake

Antigua Yacht-Show Chef Competition

The 2014 Antigua Yacht-Show Chef Competition was a great success. Some 30 talented chefs participated in the 15th Annual Chef Competition.  The competing chefs were to prepare a 3-course “Gluten-Free” gourmet Caribbean dinner……And the winners are: Yachts up to 100ft Yachts 101ft-159ft 160ft and over 1st Place: Yacht Icon Chef Craig Stevens 2nd Place: Yacht […]

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KIngs Ransom crew. 2014 BVI boat show

BVI Charter Yacht Show-2014

Results are in from the BVI charter yacht show-2014! CULINARY CONTEST (Sponsored by Mount Gay Rum) Appetizer/Salad Entree Dessert Best use of Mount Gay Rum Best Overall Dish Best Use of Local Ingredients Special Mentions SOL BEST IN SHOW Sol Best Monohull Sol Best Multihull under 57′ Sol Best Multihull over 57′ Sol Best in Show […]

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