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Ultimate Get away: Bahamas Luxury Boat Rental

If you’re going to the Bahamas and want to enjoy all that the islands have to offer, there’s no better way than on a luxury boat rental. Each of the 365 Bahamian islands has something unique to offer. To make sure you get the most out of your trip, follow our quick tips for making the most of your time on the water.

Water toys on your Bahamas luxury boat rental.
Water toys on your Bahamas luxury boat rental.

1. Bring the essentials aboard your Bahamas Luxury Boat.

Keep in mind you’ll be traveling to a tropical climate. The Bahamas usually have relatively high humidity. If you don’t typically live somewhere hot, it can be easy to forget how to dress for the heat and sun! Here are a few of the essentials:

  • Light, breathable clothing
  • Comfortable shoes or sneakers shoes for onshore activities
  • Swimsuits (and cover-ups)
  • Sunscreen (if you have a favorite marine-safe brand), otherwise it will be provided
  • Sunglasses to protect yourself
  • A hat for time on deck as well as land excursions
  • Medicine or medications
  • Favorite skincare and beauty products

2. Go from tourist to islander.

Anyone who has visited a tropical island as a tourist knows how easy it is to fall into tourist mode. Of course, you can go to a gorgeous beach or snorkel in excellent water. However, taking some time to get to know the locals lets you experience what truly makes the Bahamas special.

Doing so helps create connections that can enhance your vacation in more ways than sightseeing. It takes some time to get the feel of the islands, so try to spend as much time as you can at each location. Also, embrace the island’s laid-back vibe and slower pace.

Try traditional Bahamian dishes such as cracked conch, pigeon peas, rice, souse, and fish stew. As for drinks, try Goombay Smash, Kalik Beer, or a potent rum punch.

Visit local attractions such as:

  • The glass window bridge on Queen’s Highway in Eleuthera
  • The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park
  • The Queen’s Staircase in Nassau

3. Immerse yourself in experiences.

Once you get to the Bahamas, there are several different experiences to try. Sail the turquoise waters around the islands and check out different beaches. swim in a pristine lagoon, snorkel, fish, or try out a SUP (standup paddleboard).

Spend an afternoon at a spa. Or, feel the warm breeze on your face as you sail across the brilliant blue water.

If you visit Eleuthera, see the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve. This park is a showcase for native plants and has the distinction of being Eleuthera’s first national park. This beautiful park has over 300 species of native plants, 70 species of birds, and 100 species of medicinal plants.

If nightlife is on your agenda, don’t miss Nassau and Paradise Island. Live music, nightclubs, casinos, and trendy bars are just a few of the activities for Nassau after the sun goes down.

4. The number one thing you must remember.

Enjoy yourself! There are so many things you can do while sailing: snorkeling, swimming, fishing, and scuba diving are just a few popular ways to spend a day on your luxury rental yacht.

Bahamas Luxury Boat Rental
Spend the day in the Bahamian water.

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