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Best Crewed Yacht Experiences | Sailing in Style

Stepping into the world of crewed yachts is like unlocking a realm of endless luxury...

Stepping into the world of crewed yachts is like unlocking a realm of endless luxury and adventure. At CKIM Group Inc., we know the allure of yachting and the desire for unique experiences on the open seas. With our wealth of experience in crewed yacht charters, we’re here to guide you through every step of the journey.

We provide all the information you need, from understanding crewed yachts to selecting the perfect vessel for your needs.

Experience unparalleled luxury aboard the crewed yacht Never Enough, sailing the azure waters of the Bahamas.
Cruising in style aboard the luxurious Never Enough motor yacht, surrounded by crystal-clear waters.

Understanding Crewed Yachts: What Is It?

A crewed yacht charter represents the pinnacle of personalized luxury travel, offering an unparalleled experience on the seas. Charter a private yacht with a professional crew, including a captain and chef, and possibly more, based on the yacht’s size and service level. Here’s why a crewed yacht is an appealing choice for discerning travelers seeking a unique and luxurious travel experience:

Advantages of Crewed Yachts: Why Select a Crewed Yacht?

This privacy covers all aspects of your vacation, from sunbathing on the deck to enjoying chef-prepared meals. Here, we delve into the specifics of these advantages, underscoring the unique experiences that a crewed yacht charter provides.

Privacy on a Crewed Yacht

A crewed yacht charter represents perfect privacy and exclusiveness. Unlike crowded cruise ships or resorts, where you share space with hundreds or thousands of others, a crewed yacht offers a secluded haven. Only your guests are on the yacht, ensuring unmatched privacy.

This privacy covers all aspects of your vacation, from sunbathing on the deck to enjoying meals prepared by your chef.

Customize Trips on a Crewed Yacht

One of the most significant advantages of a crewed yacht charter is the ability to customize your travel plan. Unlike fixed cruise line travel plans, a yacht charter allows you to decide where you want to go and when. Enjoy unmatched flexibility, exploring multiple destinations in one trip, each tailored to your interests and pace.

Access to Exclusive Destinations on a Crewed Yacht

Crewed yacht charters offer unparalleled access to some of the world’s most exclusive and remote destinations. These are places often hard to reach for larger ships or through conventional travel means. Visit hidden coves and private beaches in the British Virgin Islands, and other Caribbean islands or Santorini, or Mykonos islands in Greece or the French Riviera in the Mediterranean with a crewed yacht.

Access exclusive marinas and ports for luxury dining, shopping, and cultural events away from tourist crowds.

Personalized Service and Luxury on a Crewed Yacht

With a professional crew, including a captain and chef, every detail of your vacation is catered to your preferences. Enjoy gourmet meals tailored to your dietary needs and personalized excursions, offering unparalleled service. This bespoke service ensures a luxury vacation experience that is both seamless and memorable.

Enhanced Safety and Security on a Crewed Yacht

Crewed yachts provide a safe and secure environment for travelers. Experienced crews ensure privacy and control over who comes aboard, giving you peace of mind. Additionally, yachts are equipped with state-of-the-art safety and navigation systems, ensuring a safe voyage.

Where Can You Charter on a Crewed Yacht?

The British Virgin Islands

Overlooking White Bay on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands, showing yachts anchored in turquoise waters and a pristine sandy beach,.
The serene view of Jost Van Dyke, BVI, with yachts anchored in the crystal-clear waters of White Bay.
  • Best Time to Visit: December to June
  • Key Attractions: The Baths on Virgin Gorda, the RMS Rhone shipwreck for diving, White Bay on Jost Van Dyke, and the Soggy Dollar Bar.
  • Sailing Conditions: BVI offers easy navigation, 15-20 knot trade winds, and short island passages.

The Mediterranean: Greece and Croatia

A view of Hydra Port in Greece, featuring a docked yacht among traditional boats, with colorful buildings in the background.
The charming Hydra Port in Greece is lined with colorful buildings and traditional boats, with a crewed yacht moored in the harbor.
  • Best Time to Visit: May to October, with peak season in July and August.
  • Greece:
    • Key Attractions: Cyclades for nightlife, the Ionian Islands for nature, and the Saronic Gulf for history.
    • Sailing Conditions: There are varied conditions, with Meltemi winds in the Aegean and calm waters in the Ionian.
  • Croatia:
    • Key Attractions: Dubrovnik, a UNESCO site; the group of islands, including Hvar Island; and Kornati National Park.
    • Sailing Conditions: Generally calm with predictable winds, particularly during the summer months, offering a mix of leisurely cruising and opportunities for exploration.

Here is a list of a few Mediterranean yachts:

The Caribbean: St. Vincent and The Grenadines

The scenic view of Mayreau Beach
Relaxing on a crewed yacht, taking in the beauty of Mayreau Beach.
  • Best Time to Visit: December to April
  • Key Attractions: Tobago Cays for snorkeling, Mustique with celebrity villas and beaches, and Bequia with maritime history
  • Sailing Conditions: 10–25 knot trade winds, with open-water passages and sheltered areas.

French Polynesia: Tahiti and Bora Bora

A luxurious yacht anchored in Bora Bora, navigating the deep blue sea.
A crewed yacht anchored on Bora Bora.
  • Best Time to Visit: May to October
  • Key Attractions: Bora Bora for bungalows and a lagoon; Moorea for landscapes and whale watching; and Tuamotus for diving.
  • Sailing Conditions: Varied conditions with light to moderate winds offer leisurely lagoon sailing and open-ocean passages.

The Bahamas

A serene beach with crystal-clear water. of the Bahamas.
Where the sea meets serenity, embrace the beauty of the Bahamas beach.
  • Best Time to Visit: November to April
  • Key Attractions: Exumas for swimming pigs and Thunderball Grotto; Nassau for culture and history; and Abacos for fishing.
  • Sailing Conditions: Mostly calm waters with gentle breezes, ideal for relaxed cruising and family vacations.

Here is a list of a few Bahamas yachts:

Each destination offers beauty, culture, and great sailing for a perfect yacht charter. These destinations promise adventure, relaxation, or both, ensuring a memorable journey.

Choosing the Right Crewed Yacht

When selecting a yacht for your next adventure, consider these key points to find the best fit:

  • What: Decide what type of experience you want. Do you prefer a luxurious yacht with all amenities, or a simpler sailboat for a classic sailing adventure?
  • Where: Think about the destinations you want to explore. Some yachts are better suited for specific areas. Match the yacht’s capabilities with your chosen route.
  • When: Consider the timing of your trip. Availability and weather conditions vary throughout the year. Plan ahead to ensure the best experience.
  • How: Assess your group’s size and preferences. Choose a yacht with the right layout and features to accommodate everyone comfortably.

These tips will help you find the yacht that fits your needs, making your crewed charter a memorable journey. For more information and guidance, our friendly team is here to help.

Selecting the Yacht for Your Next Crewed Yacht Charters

M/Y ONE NET (Sport Fishing Boat)

  • Size and Layout: The 86-foot ONE NET yacht can accommodate multiple guests with spacious cabins and living areas.
  • Features: High speed, stable cruising, luxury interiors, and amenities.
  • Location Details: The yacht is based in Golfito, on Costa Rica’s Golfo Dulce
  • Operating Area:
    • Summer Operating Area: Central America
    • Winter Operating Area: Central America

ONE PLANET Sailing Catamaran

  • Size and Layout: A 77-foot spacious yacht with a large deck and cabins, ideal for group travel.
  • Features: Excellent stability, luxury amenities, eco-friendly sailing.
  • Number of Crew: A four-person crew manages sailing and guest services.
  • Location Details: Winter 2024/25: Grenadines; the owner is flexible on the location; please inquire.
  • Operating Area:
    • Summer Operating Area: W. Med-Naples/Sicily, W. Med-Riviera/Cors/Sard.
    • Winter Operating Area: Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards


  • Size and Layout: The OLYMPUS 88-foot yacht has large cabins and common areas are suitable for larger groups.
  • Features: High speed, luxurious interiors, top-notch amenities.
  • Number of Crew: A four-person crew handles navigation, dining, and guest services.
  • Location Details: Caribbean/Bahamas
  • Operating Area:
    • Summer Operating Area: Bahamas, USA-Florida East Coast
    • Winter Operating Area: Bahamas, USA-Florida East Coast

OCEAN VIBES Sailing Catamaran

  • Size and Layout: A 74-foot sailing yacht that can accommodate several guests with spacious cabins.
  • Features: Luxurious amenities, stable sailing, spacious deck, and water toys are present.
  • Location Details: St. Thomas, USVI
  • Operating Area:
    • Summer Operating Area: Caribbean Virgin Islands (US/BVI), Caribbean Virgin Islands (US), Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
    • Winter Operating Area: Caribbean Virgin Islands (US/BVI), Caribbean Virgin Islands (US), Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)

    $68,850 - $75,000/ week + expensesCaribbean Virgin Islands (BVI) + 2 others

    8474.00 Ft


  • Size and Layout: This 126-foot motor yacht has ample space for guests and a luxurious cabin layout.
  • Features: High-speed cruising, luxurious interiors, gourmet dining. Rich woods and stunning marble work abound.
  • Number of Crew: A six-professional crew is in place for an exceptional experience.
  • Location Details: West Palm Beach, FL (Old Port Cove)
  • Operating Area:
    • Summer Operating Area: Bahamas
    • Winter Operating Area: Bahamas


  • Size and Layout: A 128-foot yacht can accommodate multiple guests with spacious and luxurious cabins.
  • Features: Speed, stability, and top-tier amenities.
  • Location Details: Bahamas
  • Operating Area:
    • Summer Operating Area: Bahamas
    • Winter Operating Area: Bahamas

SHADES OF GREY a Sailing Catamaran

  • Size and Layout: A 78-foot boat with spacious decks and comfortable cabins for guests.
  • Features: Speed, stability, luxurious amenities, and ample deck space.
  • Number of Crew: A four-person crew is present for a smooth sailing experience.
  • Location Details: SHADES OF GREY will be available:
    • until the end of July in the Balearics
    • August in Balearics or Sardinia/Corsica
    • September in Balearics
  • Operating Area:
    • Summer Operating Area: W. Med-Naples/Sicily, W. Med-Riviera/Cors/Sard., W. Med-Spain/Balearics
    • Winter Operating Area: Bahamas, Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards

These yachts offer luxurious and personalized experiences.

Getting Around the Crewed Yacht Charter Booking Process

Initial Inquiry

  • Submit an inquiry through our website or contact us directly.
  • Provide basic details such as preferred dates, destination, and number of guests.

Personal Consultation

  • Schedule a call with our yacht charter experts.
  • Discuss your preferences, budget, and any special requirements.

Yacht Selection

  • Receive a curated list of available yachts that match your criteria.
  • Review yacht details, amenities, and crew profiles to make your choice.

Contracts and Terms

  • Finalize the booking by signing a charter agreement.
  • Review the terms, including payment schedules and cancellation policies.

Preparation for Your Journey

  • Coordinate with our team to plan your travel plans and any special requests.
  • Prepare necessary travel documents and any personal preferences.

Boarding and Setting Sail

  • Arrive at the designated port and meet your crew.
  • Receive a safety briefing and a tour of the yacht.
  • Set sail and start your luxurious journey.

See What Our Clients Have to Say

ONE PLANET Guest Review

– What a trip… UNFORGETTABLE!!!
Thanks to the whole crew for this unforgettable experience and their kindness. Congratulations on the beautiful boat and its ONE PLANET spirit.

Special mention to Roger for his carefully prepared little dishes. Fair winds to the whole team and see you soon I hope!

OMBR3 BLU3 Guest Review

The charter was wonderful, boat and crew were excellent and the food was truly outstanding.
We did a circle of Procida, Ischia, Ventotene, Capri, Positano, and Sorrento.
I regret not visiting the Pontine Islands, but I enjoyed the Amalfi Coast from the boat.
You may be hearing from people in our party about another charter on OmbreBlu. And we may try it again in Sicily!
Thanks again to you for helping us make a fabulous trip!

OCEAN VIBES Guest Review

This trip has been the stuff of dreams. Man, I can’t think that ever had such a fun, interesting, and beautiful holiday. And that’s down to the care and attention of Max and Elise.

The crew provided top-quality food, wine, and service, taking us to the best places. Which we did. An unforgettable holiday. The best ever.

From the bottom of my heart,
Thank you
Sharon x

Hints and Techniques: Knowledgeable Advice for the Ideal Crewed Yacht Charter

Maximizing enjoyment on a crewed yacht charter involves a blend of preparation, communication, and flexibility.

Packing Essentials

  • Light and Soft Luggage: Opt for soft-sided bags as storage space is limited.
  • Footwear: Pack a pair of non-marking, soft-soled shoes for deck use.
  • Sun Protection: Include high-SPF sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats.
  • Layered Clothing: Weather can change rapidly at sea. Pack layers, including waterproof items. The average temperature variation can be as much as 20 degrees from day to night on open water.

Planning Activities

  • Flexible Travel Plan: While planning, allocate your time for spontaneous activities or relaxation. Weather and sea conditions can affect your travel plan, so flexibility ensures enjoyment.
  • Local Experiences: Research and plan for 2-3 local experiences or hidden gems not found in guidebooks. Your captain, with their extensive local knowledge, can assist in uncovering these spots.

Communicating Preferences with the Crew

  • Initial Meeting: Spend the first hour onboard discussing your preferences and any allergies or medical conditions with the captain. This sets the tone for the entire trip.
  • Daily Check-Ins: Engage in daily briefings with the crew to adjust plans as needed. This ensures your needs are met and can significantly enhance your experience.
  • Safety First: Always heed the crew’s safety advice.

FAQS | Crewed Yacht 


Choosing a crewed yacht offers travelers a luxurious and personalized experience, complete with privacy, flexibility, and access to exclusive destinations. Our guide explains yacht types, charter benefits, and how to choose the right yacht for you. We’ve covered booking, special offers, payment terms, and reviews to build your confidence.

Start planning your dream crewed yacht today. Contact our CKIM Team for more information, request a quote, or book your charter now.

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