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Amazing Cruising Adventures: Croatia Power Catamaran Charter

Croatia has become one of the hottest destinations for vacationers over the past few years, and no wonder why. With more than 1,200 islands and more than 6,000 kilometers of coastline to explore, Croatia’s diverse geography provides an excellent backdrop for spectacular cruising adventures. A power catamaran charter in Croatia allows you to explore this unique landscape from the waterline!

Go on Hvar Croatia Power Catamaran Charter
Hvar, Croatia

Power Catamaran Charters in Croatia

Visiting the Croatian islands is the best way to experience some of Europe’s most beautiful sites. The islands are home to hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, and with a power catamaran charter, you can experience them in ways only accessible by boat. For centuries, sailors and adventurers have traveled to these islands to explore the land and its history. Now you can do the same from your catamaran.

Some of the Islands to Visit

ACI Marina Rab, in Kvarner, Croatia
ACI Marina Rab

  • Hvar. This sunny island is considered to be quite chic. Known for good weather, lavendar, and (?).
  • Korcula. Visit this island and experience the “mini-Dubrovnik” in Korcula Town.
  • Vis. This island is the furthest away from the mainland. For this reason, Vis is quite tranquil and uncrowded.
  • Brac. Brac is an excellent choice for families, with plenty of activities. Be sure to visit the beach Zlatni Rat, one of the most iconic beaches in Croatia.
  • Mljet. Mljet is a perfect place to explore by bike. You can even visit the cave where Odysseus was supposedly trapped for seven years, after being shipwrecked and charmed by the nymph Calypso.
  • Losinj. Lushly green Losinj was once a holiday destination for Austro-Hungarian royalty.
  • Rab. Sandy beaches and historic sights await you on Rab. There’s also many hiking and biking trails to explore.
  • Pag. Pag is the place for lace, cheese, festivals and night life.

Things To Do And See on a Croatia Power Catamaran Charter

There are countless things to do and see in Croatia on your power catamaran charter. Water activities are perfect since you’ll be surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. It is home to hundreds of species of fish and other sea life, and you can take a dip in their natural habitat and explore with a mask, snorkel, and fins. Paddleboarding and kayaking are also excellent ways to explore Croatian waters.

Dock areas for power catamaran charter at Korcula, Croatia
Korcula, Croatia

The food of Croatia has a rich tradition, and you can try some of its best cuisines during your vacation. Croatian cuisine often features traditional Mediterranean flavors with a touch of Eastern European spice. You can experience these unique tastes in local dishes like pasta, meat stews, or fresh seafood dishes.

Best Time Of Year To Go

The best time of year to sail in Croatia is between May and September. However, an increasing number of people are choosing to charter during the low season (October–April) because rates are lower and there aren’t as many boats sailing on local waters. Plus, it’s a good way to avoid crowds that come with peak season.

Benefits of a Power Catamaran Charter

A power catamaran is a type of boat that combines features from both sailboats and powerboats. Power catamarans are great for large families and larger groups of friends. These boats usually offer more space, amenities, and creature comforts than most sailing yachts. If you’ve never chartered a yacht see our First Time Yacht Charter Guide.

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