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Italy Mega Yacht Charter


Cruise the Italian coast, soak in the scenery by day and twinkling lights from ancient towns at night. Take a private tour of UNESCO World Heritage sites and taste some incredible wines; immerse yourself in gourmet meals like local Tuscan specialties or enjoy freshly caught seafood. On an Italy mega yacht charter, you will experience the best this destination has to offer!

italy mega yacht charter
Portofino, Italy

What Is a Mega Yacht?

Officially, there is no real distinction between the words Superyacht and Mega Yacht. In fact, the terms are often used interchangeably. For more information about these terms and what amenities each offers, please click here. Overall, however, a private mega yacht charter is characterized by a high level of professionalism and service. The captain and crew respect guests’ privacy and meet their expectations.

Vacationing on a mega yacht is the ultimate luxury holiday. Nothing can compare to it! The journey allows you to spend precious time with your family and friends in the utmost luxury.

Mega Yacht Amenities

Mega yachts are not only huge but also offer a wide range of features and amenities. Luxurious features can include state-of-the-art entertainment systems, climate control systems, jacuzzis, and swimming pools.

Other features may include:

  • an entire deck area dedicated to a spa
  • beauty salon
  • massage room
  • sauna
  • a helicopter deck
  • submersibles
  • water jet packs
  • golf tee
  • climbing wall
  • an elevator

Naval design is quickly changing, so mega yachts typically feature the latest generation stabilizers for smooth sailing. Super-modern security systems provide the utmost in safety while at sea or in port. Additionally, many mega yachts have military-style technology and trained personnel for added security.

How to Choose the Right Italian Destination for Your Yacht Charter

With so many options, Italy is a truly versatile yacht charter destination. The Amalfi Coast, Sardinia, Sicily, Aeolian Islands, and Ligurian Coast are famous for their fascinating history, culture, and cuisine. If you have never been to Italy, you may want to begin with our page Italy Yacht Charters.

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Nothing can compare to a mega yacht charter in Italy. The journey allows you to spend precious time with your family and friends in the utmost luxury.

Please call us at 321-777-1707 to discuss your wishes and ideas for your mega yacht charter vacation.

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