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Luxury wedding charters

Luxury Wedding Charters | Tie the Knot in Paradise

Luxury wedding charters provide the perfect backdrop for that grand, momentous day. It embodies style, sophistication, and elegance with a generous sprinkle of glamour and romance. Just imagine exchanging vows with your beloved in the heart of the tropical Caribbean or Greece!

luxury wedding charters in the Bahamas

Picture yourself and your spouse sipping champagne while gliding along the stunning shores of the French Riviera. Or imagine sharing your first dance anchored off the magnificent rocky cliffs of the Amalfi Coast.

Presently, we do not specialize in single-day wedding events. Instead, we create week-long wedding and/or honeymoon experiences. Why settle for just one wedding destination when you can enjoy many in one trip?

Luxury Wedding Charters | Benefits

Having your wedding on a yacht has many benefits. Here are just a few of these benefits:

  • It is an exclusive venue for the ceremony and the reception.
  • You have picturesque locations, perfect for photos.
  • You will also have a top-notch crew to prepare five-star cuisine.
  • With a yacht wedding, you don’t have to worry about renting out a venue.
  • You won’t have a crowded room full of people.
  • There is no competition with other weddings on the same day.

You and your guests will enjoy total privacy, allowing you to focus solely on each other. Furthermore, a yacht wedding can be much more affordable than traditional venues. It all depends on the size of your guest list and the amenities the charter offers.

Moreover, you can immediately set sail on your honeymoon once the ceremony ends!

Your Yacht Wedding is a Memorable Experience for Your Guests

Luxury wedding charters create a unique and memorable experience for you. You also give your guests something special to remember. The crew will treat them like royalty when they set foot aboard the yacht.

Depending on the yacht’s size, ample space for a luxurious pre-ceremony cocktail hour and reception could be available.

Your guests can mingle in the spacious salons. Or, they can gather on the deck with the bridal party and sip specialty cocktails. All the while, your floating party sails past stunning scenery. Your luxury yacht wedding will undoubtedly be truly memorable.

You can also customize your charter with creative touches. These include hand-crafted cocktails, rare wine selections, cigar rolling, a live band, and an experienced photographer.

Romantic Locations Await on Luxury Wedding Charters

Begin your happily ever after in a tropical paradise or amidst historical elegance. Choose from idyllic islands such as Antigua, Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, or the Grenadines. You may want to marry on the yacht’s sunny breeze-bathed deck or a warm sandy beach.

Perhaps you want to sail around the Greek Islands, France, or Croatia. Italy’s historic seaside villages also make for the perfect Amalfi Coast wedding. Either way, our luxury wedding charters will provide memorable days and nights of honeymoon celebration.

luxury wedding charters Stocking Island

Luxury Wedding Charters | Activities

Share favorite activities with your beloved, such as:

  • Wellness & Spa
  • Multi-course wine and food pairing dinners
  • Golfing
  • Water skiing
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving
  • Strolling deserted beaches and islands
  • Romantic beachside dining
  • Exploring historical sites and ruins

Luxury wedding charters allow you to indulge your fantasies with many diverse activities. Moreover, your honeymoon takes place in the world’s most stunning settings, with superior service throughout your trip. We can also help arrange vow renewal yacht charters.

Luxury Wedding Charters on Catamaran RELENTLESS II

Tie the knot and honeymoon in private luxury on board the brand-new Sailing Catamaran RELENTLESS II. The spacious 80′ Sunreef has everything you and your loved one need to vacation comfortably and in style. She currently sails in the Caribbean, but please get in touch with us for other destinations and availability.

See What It’s Like to Marry on a Yacht

View Anthony and Cibele’s wedding VIDEO here!

They spent their special day(s) aboard M/Y LEGENDARY, a 120-foot motor yacht. This stunning boat offers luxury wedding charters for up to 8 guests. Featuring impressive entertainment facilities, it’s the ideal charter yacht for socializing. In addition, underwater lights on the swim platform make a romantic glow and provide hours of evening underwater viewing.

Luxury Wedding Charters. We make the arrangements; you make the memories.

We offer a wide choice of luxury wedding charters. Whether you want a small, intimate wedding trip or a large wedding, we will find your perfect yacht and wedding destination. We handle all the arrangements for your luxury yacht wedding and honeymoon getaway. You can also check our Best Bahamas Honeymoon Yacht Charters!