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The 2023 MEDYS Show Competitions

With the 8th edition of the Mediterranean Yacht Show around the corner, it’s a great...

With the 8th edition of the Mediterranean Yacht Show around the corner, it’s a great time to highlight some exciting events during the yacht show. In addition to touring the 90-plus charter yachts in Nafplion, some of the most interesting features of the event are the 2023 MEDYS show competitions.

The Chefs’ Competition

The most followed of such events is the Chef’s Competition. This annual challenge allows the superyacht chefs to flaunt their skills and give free rein to their imagination to pursue an exquisite Greek gastronomy culinary experience. Every year, the MEDYS shows have had great competitors with innovative and unique entries in years past.

The MEDYS Yacht Show in Nafplion, Greece
MEDYS Yacht Show in Nafplion, Greece

The 2023 Theme | Zero Waste

Each year, the yacht chefs face a new challenge and must create a dish that reflects the set theme. This year’s topic is “Zero Waste From the Greek Seas” – an ecologically sound trend here to stay. The participating chefs must make a dish highlighting the essence of Greece by utilizing ingredients taken entirely from the Greek seas – “from the scales to the tail in the case of a fish.” They can also use shellfish, mollusks, or other seafood from the nearby seas.

A philosophy of sustainability has always been present in Greece, a reminder to take what is needed and nothing more while providing respect and nourishment back to the land and seas. This “waste not, want not” mindset has recently become a trending lifestyle within luxury circles, hotels, and sustainable travel. However, such practices benefit our collective well-being and the planet within our industries and private lives.

The 2023 Tablescaping Competition

Every year, concurrent with the Chef’s Competition, the Head Stewards/esses battle to make exquisite tablescapes. This includes arranging the perfect scene to match the chefs’ meals. The Tablescaping Competition celebrates flair and creativity and is an adored MEDYS tradition. You can also see the many unique and beautiful tablescape examples aboard the show’s yachts.

The Michelin Star Celebrity Chef Judges | 2023 MEDYS Show Competitions

This year, the show is excited to feature two world-renowned chefs who earned two Michelin stars. Both are lauded for their innovative and sophisticated use of cuisine. The first chef is Chef George Papazachariasof Delta Restaurant in Athens, the only two Michelin-starred restaurant in the country. Despite his young age, Papazacharias has already established a formidable reputation in the culinary sphere.

Chef George Papazachariasof

Chef George’s commitment to a zero-waste lifestyle has been widely celebrated, resulting in his being awarded a Michelin Green Star. Additionally, he has had the honor of curating the menu for “Under,” the world’s largest underwater restaurant in Norway. Papazacharias promises to make this year’s competition even more thrilling with his charismatic presence and imaginative cooking.

Chef Antonio Mellino

The second judge is the incomparable Chef Antonio Mellino of the exquisite “Quattro Passi” restaurant in Nerano, Italy. A staple on the Amalfi Coast for 30 years, his masterfully crafted dishes captivate guests and lead them on an unforgettable gustatory journey. His talent is surpassed only by his passionate, exuberant, and warm nature – the defining characteristics that have propelled him to success in the competitive culinary realm. For more, view our tips on Italy’s best food and restaurants.

The 2023 MEDYS Show Competitions

This year’s Mediterranean Yacht Show will surely be one to remember! Check back for the Chef and Tablescaping competition winners! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for more updates as well!

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