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Most people will immediately think about the significant cruising hubs in the Caribbean (The BVI,...

Most people will immediately think about the significant cruising hubs in the Caribbean (The BVI, USVI, St. Martin, Antigua) when booking the Nevis Luxury Caribbean Experience. Still, there are many islands in between that offer different luxury experiences of island living.

Nevis Island is one of those places. Although, I may be partial after living there for most of my childhood. The 36-square-mile island is located 60 miles between St. Martin and Antigua and is a world apart from what you will find in the more touristy charter hubs.

nevis luxury caribbean experience
Nevis from the water.

Rich History | Nevis Luxury Caribbean Experience

Nevis’ history is similar to many Caribbean islands. Christopher Columbus sighted her in 1493. Carib and Arawaks had already populated it at the time. It was settled by the British in the 1600s, ultimately leading to the indigenous population’s decimation.

During the sugar trade, Nevis was a top producer for the British Empire and was often called Queen of the Caribees for her abundance.

After the disruption of the sugar industry and the abolition of slavery, Nevis fell into relative obscurity. St. Christopher, better known as St. Kitts, is part of the same federation as Nevis and is the larger island of the two. St. Kitts was always a little more modernized than its more minor sister.  It still is the airport hub and now hosts large resorts such as the Marriott and the Hyatt.

A Haven for the Rich and Famous

Because of its relative obscurity, Nevis became a haven for celebrities trying to get away from it all, including the late Princess Diana and members of certain rock bands (“Who?” You may ask.). The island hasn’t caved into the pressures of bringing in more tourists via a new chain hotel or large cruise ships.

But that is not to say that Nevis and its boutique hotels and restaurants don’t understand the need to provide quality and luxury to their guests. Although the island doesn’t have a marina large enough for most yachts, the anchorage is comfortable and safe when the prevailing Trade Winds are blowing. This makes it a perfect stop for a couple of days when traveling between the other main ports of call and an experience not to be missed.

Here are five must-dos when you visit this beautiful island…

Nevis Peak | Nevis Luxury Caribbean Experience

Climbing up the mountain is not for the faint of heart. It is over 30,000 feet of lush, verdant hillside, which will reward you with incredible views at the top of it on a clear day. It is not an easy climb; reaching the peak can take four hours. And it can be muddy.

But it is worth the journey, and the drink at the bottom of the mountain will be all the more delicious, as will the meal you’ve worked so hard for! Sunrise Tours provides guided tours of the mountain and great hikes throughout the rest of the island that are a little less arduous.

Pinney’s and Paradise Beach

Pinney’s Beach is the longest in Nevis, spanning from the capital (Charlestown) to a couple of miles down the coast, where it turns into what is known as Paradise Beach. It is one of the most relaxing walks along this shoreline, and there are stretches where you are almost guaranteed not to have any company.

There are a couple of beach bars along the way that are always entertaining and good places to cool off with a cold drink, but the best parts are the spots where you look up and see the ever-present peak on one side, the Caribbean Sea on the other and all you can hear is the lapping of the waves at your feet.

The Hermitage Plantation Inn

The Hermitage Plantation Inn is a beautiful boutique hotel that offers a West Indian pig roast every Wednesday night and pizzas right out of the stone oven. Standard hotel rooms, cottages, and private villas are also available for guests. The main house is, allegedly, one of the oldest wooden structures in the Caribbean and has incredible charm, as does the rest of the grounds.

The Golden Rock Inn

The views from The Golden Rock Inn are something that you will never forget. This sugar-mill-turned-boutique hotel meeked out an existence for many years. Then, American artist Brice Marden bought the property with his wife Helen. Much like his art, Mr. Marden emboldened the inn and restaurant with bright colors and completely revamped its look.

“The Rocks” is the restaurant, and they make a great roti (vegetarian and chicken) as well as a delicious lobster sandwich. Sit outside and enjoy the most dramatic view of the peak and views out over the Atlantic Ocean toward Antigua. Dining here is an unforgettable Nevis luxury Caribbean experience.

The Yachtsman Grill | Nevis Luxury Caribbean Experience

The Yachtsman Grill is a restaurant along Beach, overlooking the Caribbean Sea and St. Kitts. Their specialty is pizza, but I had the best lobster salad the last time I was there.

Their wine list is extensive, too. After or during, take a swim off the sandy beach and take in Nevis Peak as you cool down. A luxurious experience indeed. You can also experience the Culinary Delights served by Award Winning Chef Lee.

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