Asia Yacht Charters

Luxury Motor Yacht "Pestifer" at anchor, Thailand, Asia

Various cultures, histories, and locations unmatched worldwide await on Asia yacht charters. It is undoubtedly a remarkable place to sail and explore by yacht. This is due to the region’s tropical coastlines, unique destinations, fantastic beaches, and a wide variety of marine life. Moreover, discovering this area by private yacht allows you to access pockets of unexplored […]

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Explore French-Polynesia on DARDANELLA

why charter a luxury yacht

Explore remote islands of the Pacific as ancient Polynesians did. This time, trade the canoe for the luxury yacht Motor Yacht DARDANELLA in French-Polynesia. It will be a luxury vacation you will not soon forget. The Yacht ​For the past six years, Vitters Superyacht DARDANELLA has been exploring the remotest corners of the Pacific, experiencing […]

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Virgin Islands Sailboat Charters

One of Anegada's beaches, British Virgin Islands

There are fantastic crewed Virgin Islands Sailboat Charters available for your trip, no matter when you choose to go. A few of these sailboats are available year-round while others are based in the area only from April to September for the peak period. With different options to choose from, we will provide you with boats […]

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Virgin Islands Motor-Yacht Charters

Virgin Islands Motor Yacht Charter Mrs Happy |

There are many excellent crewed Virgin Islands Motor-Yacht Charters available for charter. Some of these great Motor-Yachts are available year-round while others are based in the area only from April to September for the peak period. The area encompasses both the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. East of Puerto Rico, this beautiful […]

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Croatia’s National Parks

Croatia has eight national parks – Kornati, Krka, Mljet, Brijuni, Paklenica, North Velebit, Risnjak, and Plitvice. Of these, all but Plitvice lie on the coast, so you can visit them as part of your Croatia sailing holiday. Here we take a closer look at each of Croatia’s national parks. Kornati National Park, North Dalmatia Above […]

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BVI Scuba Diving Sites

BVI Scuba Diving Sites

Countless scuba diving sites are scattered throughout the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The sites listed here are just a few more notable areas popular with divers and snorkelers. Virgin Gorda Salt Island Great Camanoe Island Guana Island Scrub Island The Dogs The Dog Islands get their name from sailors who moored nearby and thought they […]

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Quintessentially Caribbean, Dominica is a mountainous island nation filled with natural hot springs, tropical rainforests, and national parks. The island has many unique features, such as the highest mountains in the Eastern Caribbean, waterfalls, hot springs, black and white sand beaches, and abundant wildlife. Moreover, there are no poisonous snakes or plants on the island. […]

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