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Virgin Islands Motor-Yacht Charters

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Home » Virgin Islands Motor-Yacht Charters

There are many excellent crewed Virgin Islands Motor-Yacht Charters available for charter. Some of these great Motor-Yachts are available year-round while others are based in the area only from April to September for the peak period. The area encompasses both the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. East of Puerto Rico, this beautiful area of the Caribbean offers yacht guests many options to hop around the islands, or simply relax on a pristine beach.

Virgin Islands Motor Yacht Charter Mrs Happy |
Virgin Islands Motor-Yacht Charter Mrs. Happy Cruising the Virgin Islands

Islands To Visit in the Virgin Islands

With many options to choose from, we will provide you with boats based on your charter dates, group size, and preferred sailing area. Areas you may enjoy include:

  • St. John – Relax and revel in the warm breeze as you unwind on one of St. John’s many lovely beaches. Afterward, cool off with a swim or snorkel session in Coral Bay.
  • Peter Island -Visit the beautiful beaches, including Deadman’s Bay, where you’ll enjoy white sands and a truly serene atmosphere. While most of the island is still completely natural, there are many great trails and hiking paths to tackle during your visit. Peter Island is home to a vast array of plant species, perfect for photographing.
  • Tortola – The BVI’s largest island is Tortola, a haven for adventure seekers. Try kitesurfing, ziplining or traditional surfing at many top spots located around the island. Instead, spend the day shopping, visiting museums, or even a Rum distillery. You won’t soon run out of exciting things to do.
  • St. Thomas – The USVI offers great scuba diving and snorkeling, especially off St. Thomas. Discover fascinating shipwrecks underwater and relax on picturesque beaches above. For great views, you can’t miss climbing up the Steps of Charlotte.
  • St. Croix – From tidepools to gorgeous gardens, to intriguing museums, St. Croix is an excellent Virgin Islands catamaran charter destination. Take St. Croix’s heritage trail and visit numerous sites to learn about the island’s past. Of course, don’t forget to visit the famous swimming pigs for a great photo opportunity.

Virgin Islands Motor-Yacht Charters | Advantages

Motor Yachts are a luxurious and comfortable way to spend your time in the Virgin Islands. This means you can get closer to the beaches and into areas that deeper draft boats can’t always reach. In addition, Virgin Islands motor-yacht charters are a fun way to explore the diverse and vibrant islands in comfort and style.