Explore Lesbos, Greece on a Greece yacht charter vacation

Explore Lesbos Greece on a Luxury Yacht Charter

Located in the northeastern Aegean Sea, the island of Lesbos sits in the heart of the Greek islands and boasts beautiful beaches, sunny skies, and an abundance of untouched natural beauty. Lesbos has something to offer every type of traveler, whether you prefer exploring the streets of an ancient city or enjoying white sand beaches. […]

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Bahamas Catamaran Charters

Catamaran Something Wonderful Lunch-Review

A few years back, at a past BVI Tortola Boatshow, we were invited to be a guest at a broker’s luncheon on the luxury catamaran “Something Wonderful”. This was a great opportunity to meet the crew and see the yacht firsthand. We were able to tour the yacht, a 2014 58’ Leopard that accommodates 8 […]

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Can You Charter a Yacht for Less Than a Week?

A yacht charter is a great way to explore different beautiful areas of the world, not easily accessed by land. More importantly, a yacht charter allows you to venture to these far-flung islands and serene spots without packing and unpacking. Every comfort you need, including a private chef and plenty of water toys, is at […]

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Preference-Sheet: Key to Awesome Charter

You’ve selected the perfect yacht and the ideal destination for your yacht charter vacation. Now what? The key to making your voyage the very best is the preference sheet. This handy document provides the captain and crew with your detailed requests and “preferences” for an unforgettable holiday. Yacht Charter Preference Sheet The preference sheet is […]

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Top Rainy Day Activities

Swimsuit, sunblock, beach toys, umbrella. Umbrella? Since warm Caribbean temperatures can bring humidity and thunderstorms, you may encounter a rainy afternoon or even an entire day or two of wet weather while on your yacht charter. Fortunately, you don’t have to let the weather ruin even a moment of your vacation. Whether you are traveling […]

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