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4 Steps on How To Charter A Yacht In Greece

Have you ever imagined sailing the Greek Isles on your private, crewed yacht? Making your dream vacation a reality is easier than you might have thought. After you’ve scheduled time off of work, you can follow our process for booking a luxury yacht charter in Greece.

We have many options for families and groups of different sizes and budgets. If you’re ready to start planning your trip, skip the steps below and contact CKIM Group to make your dream a reality. Call 321 777-1707.

Sifnos, Greece on a yacht charter.
Sifnos, Greece

Step 1: Yacht Charter Vacation Details

One of the best ways to start your Greek yacht vacation search is to narrow down a few key elements. These include:

  • Desired dates of charter
  • Group size and composition (adults, children, couples, family)
  • Approximate charter costs (charter fee, APA expenses, taxes, and gratuities)
  • Yacht preference (motor yacht, catamaran, sailboat, motor-sailor)
  • Occasion you may be celebrating on your trip
  • Type of experience and activities desired

We know things may change, but it’s best to have a solid idea of these items before looking for the right yacht for you.

Step 2: Explore the Greek Yachts for Charter

Browse our many yacht charters in Greece, and narrow down the top yachts you’re most interested in. Here, you can see the many options ranging from motor yachts to power catamarans, sailing catamarans, and sailboats. Depending on your group’s size and desired activities, we will help you find a boat suited to you. Greece is one of the few places to charter a unique motor sailor. 

What’s more, the yachts in Greece offer a variety of accommodations for your group. Be sure to look for the number of bedrooms you might need and your preferred yacht layout, amenities, and features. Our brokers are happy to answer any questions regarding yacht selection.

Step 3: Discover the Greek Islands Experiences

Come uncover the many experiences you can have onboard your yacht charter in Greece. Greece is home to ancient ruins, gorgeous islands, and abundant food and wine. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. Greece is also home to incredible water and wind sports, including kiteboarding, windsurfing, and traditional surfing.

Add to that secluded beaches, hidden coves, and a vibrant nightlife scene; if you want one, Greece has something for everyone. Come discover the many groups of islands waiting for you in Greece. Explore Mykonos and its vibrant nightlife. Santorini with its majestic cliffs, and Paros with its New Age vibe. Please click below for a glimpse of sample routes you can enjoy on your Greek yacht charter.

Step 4: Contact CKIM Group and Start Planning Your Greek Yacht Charter

No matter what stage of planning you’re on, it’s never too early to contact us. We can help guide you through the entire process of chartering a yacht in Greece. We also have many options in neighboring Mediterranean countries and across the world. 

Let us help you escape to Greece aboard your private Greek yacht charter.

Please call us today at 1 (321) 777-1707 or describe Your Vacation Vision to help you plan your fully-crewed private luxury yachting vacation! Inquire as soon as possible about your custom, crewed yacht charter.

You make the memories. We make the arrangements.