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Unique Kalamata Charter Itinerary | East Mani

Just 2.5 hours from Athens, you can discover Kalamata, a beautiful port city full of history and culture. After exploring the city, surrounding olive groves, or mountains, embark on a Kalamata charter itinerary East Mani Peninsula.

Below is a sample itinerary dependent on Greece‘s weather conditions. See our Essentials of Greece Travel Guide to learn more about chartering in Greece. Or, you can head west from Kalamata with our western peninsula itinerary.

Eastward Sail from Kalamata to Kagio Island

Day 1: Kalamata – Kardamyli 2 hours

After leaving Kalamata, sail for 2 hours to Kardmylia. This lovely seaside village is a perfect place to stop during your Kalamata yacht charter. Visit the quaint village’s local shops, chapels, and gorgeous architecture. You can even take one of the many hiking trails toward the mountains for incredible views.

Spend some time swimming at the beach or go snorkeling or kayaking to uncover the true beauty of the town. In addition to the summer, a great time to visit is for a Greek Easter charter experience.

Bays and beaches of a Kalamata Charter Itinerary
Bays and beaches of a Kalamata Charter Itinerary

Day 2: Kardamyli to Limeni or Diros Caves to Porto Kagio

5 hours

From Kardamyli, sail about 2 hours to Limeni for a swim in the protected bay. Or, have a meal at one of the high-end resorts dotting the coastline. You can also head to the Diros Caves for an exciting experience.

In particular, visit Vlichada, which many consider one of the most beautiful caves worldwide, boasting a depth of 3.5 kilometers. Researchers found many animal fossils dating back around 2 million years. Pink, red, and white colors characterize different parts of the cave.

Alepotripa is another important cave inhabited 5,300 years ago. Known as a burial spot, they found ceramic statues, marble relics, and animal bones. Many of these are now on display at the nearby Neolithic Museum of Diro. 

Board your yacht and head another 3 hours south to Porto Kagio at the southern tip of the Mani Peninsula.

Day 3: Porto Kagio – Kithira Kapsali | Kalamata Charter Itinerary East

4 hours

Porto Kagio is a stunning bay lined with vibrant blue waters and sandy beaches. It is just off the eastern coast of the Peloponnese. With a sheltered port and plenty of moorings for yacht charter boats, Porto Kagio is an excellent stop for sailing vacations.

Stroll along the beach and explore the nearby fishing village of Vounaki. It offers visitors delicious seafood restaurants and tranquil cafes. Relax in the sun and savor the natural beauty of this picturesque bay. Then, continue your journey with your Peloponnese yacht charter.

Head 4 hours to your next destination of Kithira Kapsali, where you can spend the night.

Day 4: Kithira – Kithira Avlaimonas  1.5 hours

Kithiri and Kithiri Avlaimonas Beaches are a must-see for anyone on a yacht charter vacation in Kalamata, Greece. The stunning beaches are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing. Find more beautiful beaches and bays in

The beaches have many places to find shade and relax with a drink. You can spend all day soaking up the sun! It’s also the perfect spot for a picnic lunch. Snorkeling here is a great way to explore the beautiful sea life around the area.

Kithiri Avlaimonas Beach is a bit further south of Kithiri Beach. It is also more secluded, making it an excellent spot for a romantic day out. Here, you can find many interesting rock formations and plenty of small caves perfect for exploring. The turquoise waters and sandy bottom make this beach an ideal place to go swimming.

Day 5: Kithira Avlaimonas – Elafonisos

3 hours

Depart Kithira Avlaimonas and sail for 3 hours to Elafonisos. Be sure to take some time to explore the island’s beaches, including the famous Simos Beach. It is one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in all of Greece.

It is also home to the rare Mediterranean monk seal. Experience this on the Kalamata Charter route.

After a day in the sun, head to the nearby village of Elafonisos for delicious local cuisine and unique souvenirs.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the fantastic views from your Peloponnese yacht charter. Enjoy the stunning scenery around the island as you sail from port to port. Be sure to also watch for dolphins.

Day 6: Elafonisos – Gerolimenas

4.5 hours

On day 6, make the journey about 4.5 hours to Geroliminas. Its name comes from the Greek words “Ieros,” meaning sacred, and “Limin,” which refers to a port. Marvel at the majestic sea while admiring the Cavo Grosso Cape and one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever witness.

Conclude your day with a seafood feast on your yacht or at a family tavern near Gerolimenas Beach.

Day 7: Gerolimenas – Kitries 

4.5 hours

Kitries is a hidden gem in the Peloponnese region, providing yacht charter vacationers with a unique experience. The waters around Kitries are crystal clear, making it an ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling.

Nearby attractions include the tiny island of Tsichlis, where you can visit a traditional Greek Taverna for lunch. On your way to Tsichlis, you can see beautiful sea views and the surrounding islands.

The breathtaking bay awaits you with plenty of activities, including waterskiing, wakeboarding, fishing, and sailing. There are many picturesque anchorages in and around Kitries where you can drop anchor and take in the stunning scenery. This area of the East Mediterranean is a must-see destination.

Kalamata Charter Itinerary East Mani

We hope our sample Kalamata Charter Itinerary East inspires you to embark on a Greece yacht charter vacation. For more, please check out some of our other Greece itineraries or Corfu to Athens itineraries.