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Amalfi Coast Yacht Charters

Amalfi Coast Yacht Charters | Embrace the Italian Coast

The Amalfi Coast of Italy has everything. Amazing views, fantastic food, and near-perfect weather make this slice of Italy undeniably noteworthy. However, that’s only scratching the surface. See for yourself on one of our Amalfi Coast yacht charters.

Depart from Naples, or start directly from one of the great towns we discuss below on our Amalfi Coast Yacht Charters.

The coast is famous in the Summer months. Don’t worry; you can escape the crowds and traffic and see these seaside villages from your Amalfi Coast yacht charter.

Positano is famous for its picturesque cliffside houses and high-end amenities. Inland, Ravello features incredible coastal gardens and exceptional villas. At the same time, the oldest Amalfi retains much of its original medieval-maritime charm boasting centuries-old stone walls.

Take advantage of the excellent wines and local limoncello no matter which town you visit. You won’t regret spending some time getting to know this colorful region. A crewed yacht charter is the easiest, most comfortable, and most peaceful way to explore the area. VICTORIA DEL MAR and RIVIERA are great yachts that can make your vacation a reality.

Amalfi Coast Yacht Charters | Types of Yachts

Choose from a variety of boats, including catamarans, motor yachts, and sailing yacht charters. Click below for more information.

Amalfi Coast Yacht Charters
Amalfi Coast

Things to See and Do on Amalfi Coast Yacht Charters

  • View Ancient Sites. See the remnants of the past left behind in places like Pompeii or Sorrento’s Valley of the Mills.
  • Hike to discover incredible views. Stroll through beautiful cliffside paths with breathtaking views from the Pathway of the Gods above Amalfi. The trail winds along the cliffs between Agerola and Positano and offers some truly spectacular views. It’s a bit of a challenge, with some steep ascents and descents, but the rewards are well worth it.
  • Beach. It’s time to take a much-deserved break! Relax on one of these stunning beaches like Praino or Vietri Sul Mare. Try basking in Italy’s natural beauty, perhaps with a refreshing local wine.
  • Explore the Amalfi Coast on a Two-week Amalfi Yacht Charter Rental.
  • Sample the local cuisine. The food along the Amalfi Coast is some of the best in Italy. You’ll find plenty of fresh seafood, sundried tomatoes, and locally produced mozzarella. Be sure to try local lemon dishes, like Lemon Sorbet, Spaghetti al Limone, or a delicious Lemon Tiramisu!
  • Go wine tasting. The region of Campania is famous for excellent white wines, and many vineyards are within easy reach of the coast.
  • Visit the Blue Grotto, a sea cave.


Mediterranean Ravello Ravello is known as one of the most beautiful towns in southern Italy, and it’s easy to see why. From its ancient architecture to stunning views of the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean Seas, Ravello is a lovely place to visit. Charming piazzas greet you with historic churches, palaces, and gorgeous botanical gardens. In addition, its location makes Ravello an excellent choice for a day excursion from your Amalfi Coast yacht charter vacation. Amalfi Coast, Italy Where Is Ravello on the Amalfi Coast? The small town of Ravello is perched above the Amalfi Coast in Campania, Italy. Located about 80 miles south of Naples and only 12 miles from Salerno, Ravello is a short trip up from the shore via nearby seaside towns like Amalfi, Atrani, or Positano. Ravello's elevation atop a hill provides visitors with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and coastline. From the town center, it is...


Places to See on Your Amalfi Coast Yacht Charter


The gorgeous Italian town of Positano sits on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. Positano is around 2,000 years old and has a lot of spectacular views to offer. One way to experience Positano is to hike or drive up high for the best vantage points.

If you love nature, you'll want to check out places like Montepurtusso Il Buco, an intriguing outcropping of rocks. The area offers scenic views of the ocean and fantastic opportunities for photos of gorgeous homes. Nestled in lush green hillsides, villas are next to vineyards filled with olives and lemons. To enjoy Positano's unique atmosphere, visit one of its beaches, like Il Fornaillo or Arienzo Beach.

For a fine dining experience, visit San Pietro.


Known for its glitz and glamour, the island of Capri wasn't always a desirable vacation spot just off the Amalfi Coast. In the past, its position made it most valuable for trade. Today, you can see ruins left over from Capri's times as a Roman trading center and Byzantine Roman colony. Capri's atmosphere is from a fairy tale mixed with incredible gardens, fruit, and olive trees.

From your private yacht, head ashore and take the funicular to reach the small inland town of Capri. Explore quaint piazzas, have a bite to eat, and try some authentic gelato.

If you're interested in additional thrills, you can take a single-rider mountain chairlift up to the top of Mount Anacapri. An Amalfi Coast yacht rental is an incredible experience to add to your bucket list. It is also a great way to celebrate your honeymoon.


From its lush green hills to the pristine blue waters, there's no shortage of stunning sights to see in Sorrento. Here are a few of the many things to check out when visiting this magical city.

First, head to Piazza Tasso. This is the heart of Sorrento and the perfect place to start exploring. Here you'll find some of the best restaurants, cafes, gelato shops, and a lively atmosphere that captures the city's energy.

Next, visit Marina Grande. Take a stroll down to Sorrento's charming old fishing village. It's an authentic slice of Italy perfect for photo ops, boat-watching, and a dip in the water. You can enjoy a variety of fresh seafood restaurants, stroll the quaint, narrow streets, and catch the best sunset views.

Also, don't forget to visit Museo Correale di Terranova. Take a trip back in time with a visit to this impressive museum housed in an 18th-century villa. You'll find a treasure trove of antique art, ceramics, and other historical artifacts.


Ravello in Italy is another fantastic yacht charter destination for breathtaking views and charming medieval architecture. Visit the Villa Rufolo, a historic landmark in countless movies and photographs. The Villa Rufolo is an incredible palace built in the 13th century. Its gardens are one of Ravello's most stunning attractions.

Tour the Duomo, a stunning 11th-century cathedral with many stunning frescoes and artworks. It also offers some amazing panoramic views of the coastline. Next, spend time in the Rufolo Gardens. These enchanting gardens were once part of the Villa Rufolo.

Lastly, spend time in the Medieval Piazza. This lively town square has many local vendors and restaurants. It is a great place to enjoy an authentic Italian meal and experience the true charm of Ravello.

Amalfi Coast Yacht Charters
Procida, Amalfi Coast Italy

Ischia & Procida

Ischia and Procida lay off the coast of Naples but feel like a world away. You can visit an archaeological museum with floor mosaics from the ancient Roman Villa of 313 AD.

For a relaxing atmosphere, visit one of many thermal baths that date back as far as 110 BC. Of course, wine tasting is a must while visiting Procida. Don't leave without enjoying the island's own Biancolella grape.

You can head to the little sister island of Procida for gorgeous scenery and adventure. You can climb to the highest point on the island, Monte Epomeo, at 1,400 feet above sea level. For beautiful coastal vistas, head to Belvedere Esla Morante. These are just a few destinations possible on our Amalfi Coast yacht charters.


Immerse yourself in the stunning cultural heritage of Naples and explore the majestic castles, Castel Nuovo and Castel dell’Ovo. Get the perfect photo in Piazza del Plebiscito, a beautiful public plaza. Stroll along the narrow and lively cobblestone streets, taking in the sites and smells of local life.

Choose to tour the ancient underground or perhaps one of many of Naples' museums. Then, take the cable car to the affluent Vomero neighborhood for a breathtaking panoramic city view. Afterward, head down to the waterfront Chiaia neighborhood for lunch or dinner. And lastly, drive 30 minutes out of town to Pompeii, where you can explore the spectacular ruins of an ancient city.

Extended Amalfi Coast Yacht Rentals

To explore southern Italy, you can combine an Amalfi Coast private yacht rental with another week exploring nearby Sicily. Or, travel up the coast along the Tyrrhenian Sea. For more, please see our two-week Amalfi Coast Itinerary example.

Aeolian Islands

The lush, volcanic paradise of Lipari and Panarea in the Aeolian Islands is a popular destination for yacht charterers. Situated just north of Sicily, these islands make for an easy trip from mainland Sicily or the Amalfi coast.

The Aeolian Islands are a group of islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea north of Sicily. They contain one of three active volcanos in Italy, Mount Stromboli. The other significant island to visit is Vulcano.

Tyrrhenian Sea

Explore the tiny islands of Ponza, Palmarola, and Zannone, all located in the Pontine Islands off Italy's southwestern coast. Secluded caves, fortresses, beaches, and crystal clear waters await you in this unique part of Italy.

The islands are between Rome and Naples. You can reach them on your private yacht charter from the Amalfi Coast or Italy's Tuscan Coast. You can tour the island of Elba, Giglio, and many more places in the Tuscan archipelago.

There's so much to explore on our Amalfi Coast Luxury Yacht Charters.