Sicily Yacht Charters

Sicily Yacht Charters

Sicily yacht charters are one of the best ways to enjoy the island. The many villages, cities, and upscale ports welcome visitors year-round. Explore the island, feast on local cuisine, and learn about the island’s unique history. Quaint fishing villages such as Cefalu and Syracuse are popular yachting destinations, along with the famed Taormina. Climate […]

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Alberello Grapevines on Pantelleria Island, Sicily

Pantelleria Wine and Olive Oil

Seemingly floating in the Mediterranean, the volcanic island of Pantelleria lies 62 miles southwest of Sicily and 37 miles east of Tunisia. The islands’ five thousand Sicilian inhabitants, mainly farmers and fishermen, manage to live here self-sufficiently. Of course, with the exception of crucial drinking water and paper goods imports. Throughout history, natives have cleverly […]

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Catamaran Kaskazi Four at anchor in the Aeolian Islands

The Evolution of Sicily’s Marsala Wines

An important port city on Sicily’s west coast, Marsala is synonymous with a wine its people did not exactly create. While the grapes are native to the island, the winemaker responsible for starting Marsala’s wine industry is not. The evolution of Sicily’s Marsala wines is as interesting as the nectar it produces. A melting pot […]

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Aeolian Islands

Wines from the Aeolian Islands

Named for Aeolus, the Greek keeper of the wind, the volcanic Aeolian Islands lie off the coast of northeastern Sicily. Rich soils foster citrus groves, olives, capers, and vineyards on the largest islands of Salina and Lipari. Nearby, on Sicily’s mainland, viticulture zones surrounding Messina also make delicious and dynamic wines. With easy access to […]

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Catamaran Kaskazi Four at anchor in the Aeolian Islands

Top Wines of Vittoria and Southern Sicily

Sicily’s abundance of delicious local wines makes it easy to overlook some interesting, yet less famous varietals. Only one hour from Catania, the ancient Greek city of Syracuse is a perfect home base to explore the viticulture area of Noto. While on the opposite coast, Baroque cities like Modica and Ragusa put you right in […]

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Campagnia - Amalfi Landscape

The Native Wines of Campania, Italy

Once an essential part of Magna Grecia, Campania has been home to many early European settlements and noblemen. Today, Mount Vesuvius stands as a reminder of Campania’s grand past. Less than six miles east of Naples, the volcano’s 79 AD eruption buried and preserved the city of Pompeii. The resulting ruins showcase Southern Italy’s heritage, […]

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Basilicata's Landscape in southern Italy

Basilicata’s Volcanic Italian Wines

Unknown to many travelers, Basilicata quietly sits between Calabria and Puglia in Southern Italy. Limited transportation, mountainous terrain, and a small coastline have isolated the region. Seemingly uninviting, Basilicata actually boasts incredible sites and unique culture. Ancient villages, like the UNESCO city of Matera, along with Basilicata’s volcanic Italian wines, namely Aglianico del Vulture, have […]

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