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Tyrrhenian Sea Yacht Charter

If you want to experience Italy’s best, you should consider a Tyrrhenian Sea yacht charter...

Tyrrhenian Sea yacht charter vacation - Monte Argentario
Tyrrhenian Sea yacht charter vacation – Monte Argentario

If you want to experience Italy’s best, you should consider a Tyrrhenian Sea yacht charter vacation. The Tyrrhenian Sea is a favorite destination for sailors and yacht charter enthusiasts.

Magnificent Yachting Destination

Tyrrhenian Sea Italy – Map

The Tyrrhenian Sea is a magnificent yachting destination in Italy. This yacht charter region is home to some famous islands of the western Mediterranean – including. Stromboli, Capri, and Elba. The mainland’s coastline also draws many superyachts and yacht charters each year. What’s the attraction? Breathtaking cliffs and dramatic rock formations along the coast and exciting history and culture. It has perfect sailing weather and a diverse and attractive marine environment.

The Tyrrhenian Sea, a popular holiday destination in the Mediterranean, is located off the west coast of Italy, east of Corsica, Sardinia, and north of Sicily. The Island of Elba largely delineates the southwestern end, but it is debatable as to the exact points that delineate the southwestern end.

The shorelines of the Tyrrhenian Sea are teeming with granite formations due to the numerous undersea volcanic ranges. Seen on the surrounding islands and the Italian peninsula, the under-sea volcanic nature of this region creates astounding rock formations and cliffs. This is also why the region is awash with a slew of coves and bays.

Fascinating culture and history

The Tyrrhenian Sea is considered by many “the home of the four winds.” Legend has it that the cliffs that dominate this region were where King Aeolus kept the fabled four winds. And the four winds do converge in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Libeccio emanates from the open waters along the southwestern region of the Mediterranean, the Mistral originates from the Valley of French Rhone, and the Ostro and the Scirocco come from the African continent. The Tyrrhenian Sea has a fascinating culture and history that you can experience on your Tyrrhenian Sea yacht charter adventure.

Perfect sailing weather

The Tyrrhenian Sea is also famous for its fine sailing weather. We all hate a rainy vacation, but when it comes to sailing, good weather is paramount for an enjoyable time onboard your private yacht charter. That’s why the long sunny days, with slight but predictable breezes, of the Tyrrhenian Sea are favored by so many sailors and yacht charter vacationers alike.

Warm and dry weather predominates the sea-level areas year-round. However, in-land weather can fluctuate. While summer months are generally dry and hot, winter can be rainy at times and moderate in temperature. The best time to visit this famous yacht charter region is in April and October.

Because the attraction to the Tyrrhenian Sea is mainly due to the marine environment, there is no better way to explore this area than by sea or on your luxury charter yacht with family and friends.

The sailing catamaran NISIDA is available now for your Tyrrhenian Sea yacht charter vacation at desirable rates.

Tyrrhenian Sea yacht charter NSIDIA

Tyrrhenian Sea Yacht Charter “NISIDA”

  • 60ft Sailing Catamaran ELEUTHERA design
  • Accommodates up to 8 guests in 4 spacious double cabins with ensuite facilities
  • Three crew members in separate cabins with private facilities.
  • Weekly Rates June € 9.800; July € 13.500; August € 15.500; September € 9.800
  • Rates include crew fees (commandant, steward, hostess), use of equipment on board, linens, and towels.
  • Rates do not include food, fuel, port, and harbor fees.
  • Sailing Area: South Tyrrhenian Sea

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