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Private Sailing Charter | Escape the Ordinary

Have you ever dreamed of escaping the ordinary and sailing on a luxurious yacht? Imagine...

Have you ever dreamed of escaping the ordinary and sailing on a luxurious yacht? Imagine crystal-clear waters lapping against the hull as you explore hidden coves and secluded islands. A private sailing charter offers a personalized experience—just you, your loved ones, and the horizon.

We’re experts in crafting the perfect private sailing charter, and this overview will help you decide if it’s the right adventure for you. We’ll explore the breathtaking destinations to explore and the incredible level of service you can expect on board. So, are you ready to set sail on a memorable journey?

Let’s navigate the possibilities together.

Luxury sailing yacht, the SERENA Yacht, a private sailing charter cruising on clear blue water.
Set sail on your dream vacation with a private sailing charter aboard the SERENA Yacht

Understanding Private Sailing Charters

What is a Private Sailing Charter?

Imagine chartering your own private yacht away from the crowds. Sail across turquoise waters, exploring hidden coves and secluded beaches. The magic of a private sailing charter is having your personal floating vacation home tailored to you and your loved ones.

Rent an entire sailboat for your exclusive use—no strangers, just you and your crew.

Choosing Your Ride

The beauty of private charters is their variety.

  • Sailboats: These classic beauties harness the power of the wind for a truly authentic sailing experience. They offer comfortable living space and impressive performance, making them ideal for water enthusiasts.
  • Sailing Catamarans: These yachts are stable and comfortable, perfect for families or relaxed sailing. Catamarans offer deck space and luxury amenities, ideal for sunbathing and enjoying the view.
  • Motor Yachts: Combining speed and luxury, motor yachts are perfect for those who want to cover more distance in less time. They offer high-end accommodations, spacious decks, and modern amenities.
  • Power Catamarans: These yachts combine stability with power, offering a smooth ride and spacious interiors. They are great for larger groups and families, providing ample space and comfort.
  • Motor Sailers: Blending the charm of traditional sailing with engine power, motor sailers offer a versatile cruising experience. They provide the best of both worlds, with the ability to sail or motor depending on conditions.

Craft Your Dream Escape: Benefits of Private Sailing Charter

The sea reaches out with turquoise waters, pristine beaches, and vibrant culture. But what if you could experience it all on your own terms? A private sailing charter unlocks a world of possibilities, transforming your vacation into a memorable adventure.

  • Unwind Privacy: Imagine secluded coves and hidden beaches all to yourselves. No crowded resorts, no jostling for space—just you, your loved ones, and the tranquility of the sea.
  • Craft Your Ideal Travel Plan: Unlike set cruise schedules, a private yacht bends to your desires. Sail at your own pace, linger at breathtaking destinations, or discover hidden gems off the beaten path.
  • Exclusive Destinations: Private yachts can reach secluded harbors and pristine islands that are hard to reach for larger vessels.
  • Tailored to Your Every Wish: Enjoy gourmet meals and curated water activities catered to you. Relax, unwind, and let the crew handle everything.
  • The Epitome of Luxury: Indulge in spacious cabins, plush amenities, and unparalleled service. Your private yacht becomes a luxurious haven, a world away from every day worries.

Where to Set Sail: Unique Places for Private Sailing Charters

For private sailing charters, the globe is your oyster, but certain places stand out more than others. Explore popular islands, each offering unique experiences and lasting memories.

The Caribbean: Paradise Found

An aerial view of Fort Louis Marina on the Caribbean island of St. Martin, showcasing rows of yachts in crystal-clear turquoise water.
Unwind and explore in paradise: Fort Louis Marina sets the stage for your memorable Caribbean yacht adventure.

Destination Highlights: The Caribbean is renowned for its turquoise waters, pristine beaches, and vibrant coral reefs. Each island offers a unique experience, from bustling marinas in St. Martin to secluded coves in the Grenadines.

Seasonal Tips: The best sailing in the Caribbean is during the dry season with steady winds and clear skies. However, travelers should be aware that hurricanes are most likely to occur from June to November.

Island Features & Activities: Enjoy hidden coves, vibrant reefs, and world-class waterfront dining.

Cuisine: Caribbean cuisine features fresh seafood dishes, Caribbean spices, tropical fruits, and delicious rum cocktails. The culinary scene reflects a diverse range of influences, including African, European, and Indigenous cultures.

Here is a list of a few Caribbean yachts:

The Greek Islands: History Meets Paradise

A line of colorful buildings with traditional Greek balconies overlooking a harbor with turquoise water, a picturesque destination ideal for private sailing charters.
Bask in the beauty of the Spetses Waterfront in Greece.

Destination Highlights: The Greek Islands blend ancient ruins, charming villages, and stunning coastlines. Travelers can island hop between iconic destinations like Mykonos and Santorini or discover hidden gems like Milos and Naxos.

Seasonal Tips: Visit in spring (April–May) or autumn (September–October) for pleasant weather and fewer crowds. However, summer (June–August) is the peak tourist season, with hot weather and bustling crowds, especially on popular islands.

Island Features & Activities: Explore ancient ruins like the Acropolis in Athens or the Minoan Palace of Knossos in Crete. They can also hike scenic trails, discover hidden coves for a refreshing swim, or soak up the sun on picturesque beaches.

Cuisine: Greek cuisine features fresh Mediterranean flavors: olive oil, grilled seafood, feta cheese, and local wines. Each region of Greece has its own specialties, influenced by local produce and culinary traditions.

Here is a list of a few Greek island yachts:

Southeast Asia: A Cultural Adventure

Aerial view of Kho Khai Nai Island in Phuket, Thailand. A small island with white sand beaches and clear turquoise water, a unique destination for your next private sailing charter.
Escape to paradise on a private sailing charter to Kho Khai Nai Island in Phuket, Thailand.

Destination Highlights: Southeast Asia offers unique sailing experiences with Thailand‘s vibrant culture, Indonesia‘s pristine islands, and Malaysia’s picturesque Langkawi.

Seasonal Tips: The best sailing season in Southeast Asia varies by location but is generally during the dry season. Thailand’s dry season is from November to April, while Indonesia’s varies by region.

Island Features & Activities: Southeast Asia offers activities like vibrant cultures, exploring ancient temples, and visiting bustling night markets. Outdoor enthusiasts can hike through lush rainforests, snorkel vibrant coral reefs, or simply relax on pristine beaches.

Cuisine: Southeast Asia’s culinary landscape is indeed diverse, with fresh seafood dishes, fragrant curries, and delicious noodle specialties. Each country in the region has its own unique culinary traditions, making it a paradise for food lovers.

Here is a list of a few Southeast Asian yachts:

Planning Your Private Sailing Charter Escape

When planning a private sailing charter, choosing the right yacht can enhance your experience. Here are some key questions and considerations to help you make an informed choice:

What Do You Want on a Private Sailing Charter?

  • Think about the amenities and activities you desire. Do you want a luxurious trip with high-end features or an adventurous one with water sports and exploration? Consider whether you prefer modern comforts, traditional sailing charm, or a mix of both.

Where Do You Want to Go on a Private Sailing Charter?

  • Identify your preferred destinations. Choose locations that match your interests, whether it’s vibrant nightlife, tranquil beaches, or rich cultural experiences.

When Do You Want to Go on a Private Sailing Charter?

  • Timing is crucial for a memorable trip. Consider the weather patterns and peak tourist seasons to plan your trip when the conditions are ideal and the crowds are minimal.

How Many People Are Going on a Private Sailing Charter?

  • The number of guests significantly influences yacht selection. Ensure the yacht can comfortably accommodate everyone in your party. Look at the layout and size of the yacht to see if it has enough cabins and common spaces for relaxation and activities. Whether it’s a family trip, a romantic getaway, or a group adventure, choose a yacht that fits your group size.

Considering these factors helps you select a yacht that fits your needs, ensuring a personalized sailing charter experience.

Choosing the Yacht for Your Private Sailing Adventure

The yacht for your private sailing charter depends on your dream vacation! Here’s a breakdown of some factors to consider when choosing between different models:


  • Considerations: The SCORPIOS sailing yacht offers luxury and performance, suitable for activities ranging from relaxed cruising to adventurous sailing.
  • Size and layout: The 170-foot yacht has spacious decks and multiple cabins, perfect for large groups.
  • Features: high-speed sailing capabilities; a stable motor yacht with luxury amenities; a traditional sailing experience with modern comforts.
  • Number of Crew Members: A ten-person crew handles guest services, maintenance, and navigation to ensure a comfortable stay.


  • Considerations: The Silolona yacht combines classic design and cultural richness, making it ideal for a luxury traditional sailing adventure.
  • Size and layout: a 164-foot yacht with large decks and comfortable cabins, perfect for medium-to-large groups.
  • Features: Blends traditional sailing aesthetics with modern amenities, offering a stable and smooth sailing experience with rich cultural details.
  • Number of Crew Members: A 17-person team is on hand to offer individualized services and improve the whole experience.


  • Considerations: The ALMYRA II yacht offers speed, comfort, and luxury, suitable for various sailing conditions and guest preferences.
  • Size and layout: a 163-foot yacht with spacious cabins and elegant common areas, ideal for large groups.
  • Features: high-speed travel, luxury amenities, and a blend of motor yacht stability with traditional sailing charm.
  • Number of Crew Members: An eight-person staff manages guest services, maintenance, and navigation to keep everything running smoothly.


  • Considerations: LADY GITA is a luxury yacht known for elegance and performance, perfect for high-end sailing.
  • Size and layout: The 161-foot yacht has a large, comfortable layout with multiple cabins, ideal for large groups and long voyages.
  • Features: offers luxury amenities like fine dining and entertainment, and blends traditional sailing with modern conveniences.
  • Number of Crew Members: A nine-person crew oversees sailing and guest services, ensuring comfort and leisure.


  • Considerations: The ACAPELLA yacht combines speed and luxury, perfect for a high-performance sailing experience.
  • Size and layout: The 160-foot yacht features a spacious, modern design, hosting many guests for adventurous cruises.
  • Features: high-speed, luxury amenities for a comfortable stay, blending sailing excitement with modern luxury.
  • Number of Crew Members: A nine-person crew handles navigation, maintenance, and guest services for the best experience.


  • Considerations: The Nocturno sailing yacht offers elegance and traditional charm, ideal for a classic sailing experience with modern comforts.
  • Size and layout: This 158-foot yacht has a well-designed layout with spacious cabins, suitable for medium to large groups.
  • Features: Combines traditional sailing aesthetics with luxury amenities, offering a stable and smooth experience with speed and comfort.
  • Number of Crew Members: Nine crew members are needed to ensure efficient operation, including coordinating sailing and guest services.

Welcome Aboard! Your Guide to Booking a Private Sailing Charter

We’re passionate about creating memorable private sailing charters. Here’s a roadmap to navigate the booking process, ensuring a smooth journey from initial inquiry to setting sail:

1. Initial Inquiry:

  • Let the Adventure Begin! Reach out to our friendly charter specialists. We’re here to answer your questions and guide you through the exciting world of private yacht charters.

2. Personal Consultation:

  • Charting the Course Together. Our charter specialists will talk to you to discuss your dream vacation. This includes your desired destination, group size, budget, and any special requests you might have.

3. Yacht Selection:

  • Finding the perfect match. Based on the consultation, we’ll present a curated selection of yachts that you need and desire. We’ll explain the features and amenities of each yacht, helping you find your ideal match for a memorable experience.

4. Contracts and Terms:

  • Setting sail with confidence. We’ll carefully review the charter agreement with you, ensuring you understand all terms and conditions before signing. Transparency is key, and we’re here to answer any questions you might have.

5. Pre-Journey Preparation:

  • Smoothing the Way for Adventure. We’ll provide all necessary information and paperwork, including details about provisioning the yacht.

6. Boarding and Setting Sail:

  • Bon Voyage! Clients arrive at the designated marina and meet the captain and crew of their chosen yacht. After a safety briefing and tour of the yacht, it’s time to set sail and begin your private sailing adventure! We’ll be here to ensure a smooth handover and address any last-minute questions.

See What Our Clients Have to Say

Building trust and transparency is important to us. Here are some of the things our happy clients have to say about their yacht charter experience with us:

SCORPIOS Guest Review

“We had a fantastic time! The yacht was amazing, the crew was amazing and the country was amazing. Definitely a trip that we would love to do again in the future.

“We were very lucky and blessed to be surrounded by lovely people in wonderful places. I can only recommend Scorpios and its crew to anyone.”

LADY GITA Guest Review

“The boat was F’ing AMAZING!”
“Crew were ALL AMAZING!
“Food was so
freaking GOOD!”

“Never before has a skipper offered to “pack up whatever liquor remained” at departure. It was a very generous and gracious touch.”

“We told the crew we will HIGHLY recommend Charter Specialists book this yacht and this crew as much as possible!”
“We are passing along your contact info, Judy, to everyone we know!”

ACAPELLA Guest Review

“Thank you so much for a wonderful week here in Croatia! You made our experience very memorable. How Acapella came to be is an amazing and inspiring story.

The entire crew was amazing and very gracious. We enjoyed all of the special and delicious meals. Thanks again, we will be back!”

Nocturno Guest Review

“We are having an amazing time! The captain, Nocturno, accommodations, crew, service, food, and excursions are top-notch. We could not have asked for better; it has exceeded all of our expectations and then some.”

We invite you to read more reviews on our website. Ready to start planning your dream getaway? Contact us today and let our team craft a memorable private yacht charter experience for you!

Expert Tips for a Perfect Private Sailing Charter Experience

Here are some expert tips to maximize your enjoyment:

  • Packing Essentials:
    • Remember, water will surround you! Remember to bring swimsuits, sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. Comfortable clothing for lounging and exploring is ideal.
    • Consider including light waterproof clothes in case of unexpected showers. Evening attire is optional, depending on your chosen travel plan. Check with us for specific recommendations based on your yacht and destination.
  • Planning Activities:
    • Inform us about your interests. We can help you plan activities tailored to your preferences. Whether you want snorkeling, water sports, or cultural excursions, we can suggest options for a memorable trip.
  • Communicating Preferences:
    • The crew is there to ensure you have a wonderful experience. Please feel free to communicate your preferences. Discuss meal choices, preferred water activities, or any special requests you might have.
    • The more the crew understands your desires, the more personalized and enjoyable your charter will be.
  • Relax and Unwind:
    • One of the biggest perks of a private yacht charter is the chance to unwind and escape the everyday. Disconnect from technology, soak up the sun, and enjoy the serenity of being on the water.

FAQs | Private Sailing Charter


Congratulations on setting your sights on a private sailing charter! This overview covers the booking process, from initial inspiration to setting sail. Here are 3 key takeaways to remember:

  • The yacht charter journey is a collaborative effort. Our experts guide you from understanding your needs and budget to selecting the perfect yacht and finalizing details.
  • Communication is key. Let us know your preferences, from desired activities to dietary restrictions. The more we understand your vision, the more we can tailor your private yacht charter experience to your dreams.
  • Relaxation is the ultimate goal. Once you step aboard your chosen yacht, disconnect from every day and embrace the serenity of the open water. The crew is there to handle everything, allowing you to unwind and create lasting memories.

Ready to start planning your dream private sailing charter? Contact our friendly team today! We look forward to crafting the perfect travel plan for an escape unlike any other.

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